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09:49 actual Families of hunger strikers: Their demands are the demands of millions
08:25 ecology Kobanê Environmental Authority starts two projects on organic fertilizer production
13:39 actual Egyptian film producer Nahed Farid Shawki dies at 72
13:04 actual Women's Coalition: Women should be able to participate in politics
12:36 actual Women’s organizations demand investigation into “sexual crimes” against Palestinian women
11:49 actual Israel keeps targeting civilian settlements in Gaza
10:30 actual ‘International aid organizations should fulfill their responsibilities for displaced people’
09:15 actual Hunger strike in 104 prisons continues
09:13 actual People with disabilities face barriers in Iran when they go outside alone
13:41 actual Women’s Assembly in Halabja forms committee combating violence against women
13:02 actual Radhia Jerbi re-elected president of National Union of Tunisian Women
12:50 actual ‘Women should struggle against violence by chanting Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’
11:35 actual Magnitude 5.1 earthquake shakes northwest Turkey
11:33 actual ‘Victims of sexual violence need justice’
09:53 actual 80% of Avrîn Hospital in Shahba out of service
08:47 actual PYD Women’s Office organizes courses on women’s rights
14:11 actual Remains of Menfiyat Elçiçek delivered to her family in box after 5 years
13:44 actual 81-year-old Makbule Özer to return to prison
12:52 actual 32 Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israel after truce expires
11:34 actual At least 101 children killed in West Bank in 2023
10:56 sport Female taekwondo athletes of NE Syria achieve international success
09:27 actual Women of Afrin and Shahba: We resist despite the siege
09:23 actual 8th anniversary of Dilan Kortak’s killing: Unregistered gun used by police officers
13:55 actual Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi released
13:30 actual Artworks of prisoners to be displayed at ‘Inside and Outside’ exhibition
12:49 actual Shaharzad Akbar receives FES Human Rights Award
10:55 actual Hunger striker Saadet Akın composes new song
10:54 ecology Air pollution threatens public health in Iran
09:53 art and culture Hîlala Zêrîn carries out cultural art activities despite attacks
07:39 actual Women from Northern Kurdistan visit RJAK
13:46 art and culture AFMI makes selection of Palestinian films available globally to watch for free
12:50 actual Hunger strike in 104 prisons enters its 3rd day
11:32 actual Prison term demanded against Emine Şenyaşar
10:27 actual ‘Women are most affected by conflicts in the Middle East’
09:19 actual Asia Al-Mashreqi wins 2023 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award
13:55 actual 419 people kidnapped in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî in 2023
12:33 actual Iranian political prisoner Zohreh Sarv on hunger strike for 5 days
12:32 actual Niloufar Ghazaleh arrested with her husband in Isfahan
11:30 actual Women trying to earn living face Taliban oppression
10:35 actual 4 female prisoners in Amed start hunger strike
10:10 actual Israel-Hamas truce extended two days
09:23 actual Lasting grief and anger of earthquake survivors: Those responsible should not go unpunished
07:38 community/life ‘Women should be supported in the workforce'
10:36 actual ‘The 16 days activism raises awareness against gender-based violence’
09:18 actual Former Afghan MP: Women face different forms of violence and oppression in all countries
08:18 actual Call on people of Shengal: Vote for your future
14:51 actual 3 journalists detained in Şırnak
14:39 actual Iranian actor Shailin Asadollahi released
14:34 actual YPJ International calls on all women to unite
13:29 actual Women march in Van: We will break the isolation and attain freedom