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14:32 actual Soil turning green, flowers blooming in Amara
14:17 actual Sophie Binet becomes first female secretary general of CGT
13:25 actual Sit-in protest for justice continues on its 739th day
12:39 art and culture Yekta Herekol Theater Festival continues in Qamishlo
11:56 law West Bank and Gaza: Women being stuck between two cities, two different laws
10:31 community/life Women and girls pay heavy price of water crisis in Yemen
09:32 actual Taliban shut down Women’s Voice Radio Station
08:40 actual Iranian school manager: The new generation will replace the dictator’s shadow with the light of freedom
14:08 actual Divorced women in Iran face many challenges due to patriarchal laws
12:54 actual Şenyaşar family seeks justice for 738 days
12:34 actual TAJÊ distributes 2000 tree seedlings to be planted on April 4 in Shengal
11:19 actual Two jailed Iranian journalists win Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism
11:18 actual Egyptian lawyer: Women should struggle to overcome all obstacles
10:02 actual Hilala Zêrin releases music video for “Jin im jiyan im”
09:20 actual 35 earthquake survivor children still unidentified
07:55 actual Akitu Festival declared as public holiday in NE Syria
07:53 actual Îlham Mihemed: The voice rising from Jindires is a call for the freedom of the Kurdish people
13:39 actual Letter from Afghan mother to her sons
13:14 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 737th day
13:01 actual New campaign in Kobanê against gender-based violence
12:10 actual ILO: Child labour are expected to increase after earthquakes
10:20 actual Women doctors in Afghanistan have to pass ‘religious exam’ to work
09:43 actual On 50th day of earthquake: Dead body found under rubble
08:51 actual 3 of 4 women arrested in Kabul released on bail
08:48 actual Women of Makhmur: We will not leave the camp
14:11 actual Şenyaşar family: This injustice must end
13:55 community/life Displaced people living in Idlib share their tents with quake survivors
13:52 ecology Joint statement by 77 NGOs warns against risks of asbestos in cities-affected by earthquake
10:36 actual Women of Manbij: Investigate recent poisoning at schools in Iran
10:12 actual Afghan woman: We will keep struggling for our rights
09:28 art and culture Special committee formed for Mazlum Bagok Journalism Prize
07:58 actual Color of resistance: Kobanê
13:58 actual Call for immediate release of Peace Mothers
12:52 actual Şenyaşar family: The sultanates based on persecution will be destroyed!
12:27 actual 4 women arrested in Kabul for protesting Taliban
11:24 ecology Palestinian woman recycles paper into usable drawing boards
10:14 actual Relatives of murdered victims in Jindires demand justice
09:38 actual Fire in tent kills child
08:55 actual 3 police officers sent prison for beating 14-year-old child in Lice
08:36 actual Committee of Women’s Voice defends justice against violence
07:29 actual Dramatic increase of beggars in Kermanshah
13:57 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 732nd day
13:29 actual UN report: Turkish-backed groups continue to commit torture, rape, cruel treatment, and other war crimes
11:43 actual Message from Gohar Eshghi to Ali Khamenei: Iran is not your father’s property
10:46 actual Jina Mahsa Amini’s mother: Jina has become the messenger of women’s freedom
10:09 law Iranian court upholds prison sentence against activist Fatemeh Sepehri
09:52 labor/economy First woman security guard in Gaza: Reem Sukkar
08:39 sport Chess player Sidar aims to be world chess champion
08:37 actual Afghan women suffer from multiple oppression!
13:50 actual Killing of four people in Jindires condemned in Sulaymaniyah