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14:52 actual “Release sick prisoners”
14:48 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 484th day
13:52 actual CPT: 2 children were killed in Turkish mortar shells
13:45 politics HDP Women’s Council meets with Norwegian and Danish delegations
10:40 art and culture “Every musical instrument has a soul”
10:35 actual Turkey: Men kill at least 31 women in June
09:28 actual SES Co-chair Selma Atabey arrested
08:58 politics “We will ensure his freedom”
15:32 art and culture ‘Our Heritage” exhibition held in Egypt
15:30 politics HDP Co-chairs: We are stronger than yesterday
13:15 actual Operetta “Generation of Renaissance” initiative aims to support Palestinian children
13:00 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 483rd day
10:26 community/life Journey from France to Rojava
09:44 community/life “Safe Spaces for Women” project started for women in Gaza
08:50 actual Soldiers open fire on minibus carrying refugees in Van: 1 killed, at least 10 wounded
07:30 community/life She returns to her burned village as shepherd after years
13:24 politics “1915 genocide repeated itself in 2019”
11:20 actual Young women in Shengal announce establishment of their union
11:12 actual Call on ECHR, CPT for freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
11:00 community/life She collects straws for her animals despite burning sun
08:30 art and culture Gazan artist starts project against gender-based violence
07:45 community/life “Being disabled does not prevent having a job”
15:10 actual Petition: Recognize the massacre against Yazidis as genocide
14:26 actual Campaign launched to solve Sanandaj’s water problem
13:08 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 479th day
12:56 actual People of Serêkaniye condemn isolation, attacks
10:50 actual Syrian war kills more than 360,000 civilians in 10 years
10:40 actual “Forcing Aysel Tuğluk to defend herself is a crime against humanity”
09:45 actual March in Hasakah to protest Turkish attacks
09:38 art and culture Amani al-Badri wants to improve herself in photography
08:00 actual Hatice Demir: Turkey must declare again that it is a party to the convention
15:34 community/life Nigar Raşid: The Kurdistan Region has no system protecting women
12:44 community/life She turns her tent into school for children
12:40 actual 478th day of sit-in protest: Justice and law are dying in Urfa
12:06 community/life Women of Gozeliyê village: “The international community should take action to stop Turkish attacks”
10:22 actual March in Makhmur camp against isolation
10:20 ecology Lake Van suffers from drought, pollution
09:12 law Child custody law in Morocco: Women lose custody when they remarry
09:00 actual Workshop in Libya on migration issues from 'a gender perspective'
14:15 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 477th day
12:54 actual Women of Shengal commemorate Zeynep Kınacı
12:05 actual “The Palestinian Authority is obligated to protect women”
10:56 politics “A resolution without us is impossible”
10:05 actual “Reports saying Zirgan was evacuated do not reflect the reality”
09:22 actual Community Media Center ends its training on online safety for media workers, lawyers
08:16 actual Kurdish language activist temporarily released from prison
08:00 actual Kadirat Association launches campaign in Tunisia to combat drug addiction
07:50 ecology Environmental and health benefits of eco-friendly construction in Tunisia
07:30 actual Narges Mohammadi transferred to hospital
14:00 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 476th day