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10:56 actual New 6-month lawyer visit ban on Abdullah Öcalan
09:45 actual ‘We will tear down capitalism by using self-defense’
15:38 actual Syrian Women's Council holds its 2nd congress in Aleppo
15:26 actual 7th National Cultural Festival for Women's Literature and Cinema to kick off in Algeria
14:00 actual 97 students hospitalized for suspected food poisoning at dormitory in Denizli
13:14 actual UNRWA: Over 810,000 people have fled Rafah in the past two weeks
12:31 actual ‘The Turkish state should be held accountable for its crimes’
11:20 actual 26 children in Libya killed or injured due to explosive remnants of war
10:49 politics Political parties in Iraq prevent legal regulations for women
09:19 actual Enforced disappearances in Turkey: ‘I grew up without my father’
14:35 actual Women of Kobanê: We will respond to the threats
13:39 actual 224th day of Israeli attacks on Gaza: Death toll rises to 35,303
12:52 actual Solidarity Initiative for Figen Yüksekdağ: We do not accept the prison sentences
12:33 actual 21 people sent to prison in Van
11:50 actual Life continues in Taiz despite challenges
10:37 labor/economy Tunisian woman selling kesra bread: We cannot find semolina due to its high price
10:02 actual Ayla Akat Ata: Our struggle continues
08:57 actual Verdict in Kobanê Trial
14:41 actual ‘More than 15,000 children have been killed in the Gaza Strip’
14:36 actual Kurdish political prisoners in Iran start hunger strike
14:16 actual Kobanê Trial: Joint letter by women politicians
14:08 actual Kobanê Trial: The verdict will be a crossroads for Türkiye
11:42 art and culture Poet Fatima Maizi tells women’s resistance in her zejel poems
11:03 actual ‘Our election system deserves to become a model for all countries’
09:46 ecology Water war of Turkish state: Jaghjagh River causes diseases
09:30 actual No tolerance even to word of ‘isolation’: The aim is to silence society
15:42 actual March held in Amed to mark Kurdish Language Day
15:28 actual MKM: Standing with Kobanê is not a crime’
13:25 actual Former Dersim Co-mayor Nurhayat Altun released from prison
12:54 actual At least 40 people detained in house raids in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya
11:41 actual Gazan woman launches initiative to support displaced children
10:28 actual Kurdish education in Makhmour camp from tents to schools
14:46 actual Sarina Jahani temporarily released from Evin prison
14:45 actual 68.3 million displaced by conflict and violence in 2023
14:31 actual Sister of Cemil Kırbayır passes away
12:37 actual More than 150,000 pregnant women face health hazards in Gaza
11:24 actual 55 detained in Van questioned about protests after local elections
10:45 actual Municipal elections in Rojava postponed to June 11
09:58 community/life 8th anniversary of liberation of Tabqa: Women participate in municipal elections
15:21 actual At least 30 people taken into custody in Van
15:11 actual Iranian security forces arrest activist’s mother and sister
14:40 actual ‘Afghan women suffer from psychological problems due to the Taliban's restrictions’
14:19 actual Palestinians fleeing Rafah as Israel expands its offensive
12:36 actual Joint statement by 159 public figures on Kobanê trial
11:29 actual TAJÊ meets Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Migration
10:58 community/life Displaced Sudanese women struggle to survive difficult living conditions
09:46 community/life Healthcare services become toy of corrupt governments in Afghanistan
15:34 law Indictment prepared against 9 journalists
15:29 actual Ecologists to meet in Amed
13:40 art and culture Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival kicks off in Ankara