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20:14 actual Women gather in Istanbul despite ban: We do not obey
19:54 actual JINNEWS releases footage showing torture against Garibe Gezer
19:00 actual Women chant ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’
18:00 actual Women take to streets in NE Syria to protest male-state violence
15:24 actual Women to gather in Taksim tonight
14:20 politics Women of Sulaymaniyah: These attacks are against all Kurds and women
13:30 actual Emine Şenyaşar: Justice must be secured now
12:56 actual ‘Women must take a firm stance against the Turkish state’
12:00 actual Statement on violence against women by Arab women in Shengal
11:04 actual People of Hasakah: We will resist with the revolutionary spirit
11:00 editor's pick Song of the day: Em Jinin (We are women) by Rojda
08:25 law Man faces prison sentence for trying to kill woman
08:00 actual Iranian authorities continue to arrest protestors
14:14 art and culture Women show great interest in Book Fair in Sulaymaniyah
14:05 community/life Women build common life in Jinwar
12:35 actual Şenyaşar family seeks justice for 626 days
11:45 actual Schools targeted in Turkish airstrikes
11:26 actual 94 women killed in Afrin in a year
10:37 actual Letter from Narges Mohammadi: Document killing and repression in Iran
08:30 art and culture Gazan artist uses vibrant colours to address suffering of women
07:35 actual Teşî Counseling Center reaches hundreds women in 3 months
14:54 actual People of Manbij protest Turkish attacks
14:32 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 625th day
13:51 actual Protest in Ranya by women against attacks
13:48 law Mala Jin aims to support women
13:10 law Child marriage legitimated in Libya
12:36 actual Women of Til Tamir: We will stay in our homeland
10:43 actual Colleagues of Essam: We will keep writing the truth
10:40 actual Amineh Kakabaveh: ISIS defeat in Kobanê delivered a hard blow for Erdoğan
10:20 actual Spiral of gender violence in Turkey!
14:48 actual Internet Access blocked in Iran and Rojhilat
14:21 actual “Our aim is to change the gendered mentality”
14:00 actual Şenyaşar family: Our demand is justice
13:26 actual People of Shengal: We will protect the Revolution in Rojava
13:23 actual Families of prisoners prevented from holding their Justice Watch
12:10 ecology Turkey uses water as weapon against NE Syria
11:36 actual Turkey's judiciary accuses women victims of violence
08:42 actual Women from Qamishlo: We will not be annihilated by tanks and artillery
13:46 community/life Resistance becomes lifestyle for people living in Sherawa under constant Turkish attacks
13:18 actual Emine Şenyaşar seeks justice for 623 days
12:35 actual Yazidi women to take to streets on November 25 by chanting ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadî’
11:15 actual TJA calls on women to attend Night March in Istanbul on November 25
10:57 actual Hebe de Bonafini: Leader of Argentina’s Plaza de Mayo dies at 93
09:47 actual Dilek Başalan: “We strengthen as we raise our voices”
09:42 actual Hengameh Ghaziani and Katayoun Riahi arrested in Iran
15:00 actual “Everyone should oppose to the use of chemical weapons”
13:46 actual Women attending seminars held by Kongra Star: We will not bow to violence
13:26 actual Iranian artist Zainab Mousavi released
11:26 actual Emine Şenyaşar: “God is greater than Erdoğan”
11:20 actual TAJÊ announces its program for November 25