Summary of proceedings for HDP MP Semra Güzel sent to Presidency

After the photos of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Semra Güzel were published by several press outlets, the summary of proceedings to lift her immunity has been sent to the presidency by the Justice Ministry.

Tara Hisên: “2022 will be the year of women”

Tara Hisên, Co-chair of Tevgera Azadi (Freedom Movement), pointed out that 2021 was a difficult year for Iraq and Federal Kurdistan Region, “But 2022 will be an important year for women in the fight against gender-based violence and occupation attempts.”

TAJÊ makes women’s resistance heard all around the world

Stating that the Diplomacy Committee of the Yazidi Free Women's Movement (TAJÊ) had many diplomatic meetings in 2021, Suham Şengali said that they will expand their works to make the women’s resistance heard all around the world.

Lina Berekat: Syrian Women's Council will enter 2022 stronger

The Syrian Women's Council carried out many significant projects in 2021 to empower women in every part of life. Lina Berekat, coordinating member of the council, told us that they will enter 2022 stronger and that they want to hold their second congress.

“Women and youth are targeted”

Zulexa İbrahim, Co-chair of the Manbij Assembly of the Future Syria Party, stated that a special war is waged in the region to destroy the Democratic Nation Project by targeting women and youth.

Mahtab Khezri: We worked to uncover the dirty policies of the regime

Speaking to our news agency on behalf of the Democratic Women's Union of Eastern Kurdistan, Mahtab Khezri emphasizes that women’s deep historical roots will shed light on all Iranian women and that women will prevail in 2022.

Rezan Hemadi: “2022 will be the year of women to unite and strengthen themselves”

Rezan Hamidi, a member of the Women’s Committee of the Komala Kurdistan's Organization of the Communist Party of Iran, commented on what is going on in Iran and in Rojhelat Kurdistan. She underlined that women are at the forefront of every social uprising, “In 2022, women will keep being at the ...

Cizre Region Women's Committee to enter next year stronger

Cizre Region Women's Committee, which started many projects for women and children in 2021, aims to empower women with new projects in 2022.

Algerian women excluded from decision-making positions

Despite the new election law in Algeria, women still face exclusion in politics and the decision-making process.

Jiyan Hisen: The first thing we will do in 2022 is to make women’s laws

Jiyan Hisen, the coordinating member of the NE Syria Women's Council, told us that they carried out many activities in 2021, “We will carry out many activities and work in 2022. The first thing we will do in 2022 is to make women’s laws.”