Ebru Günay: This ruling party causes Turkey to lose

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Spokesperson Ebru Günay held a weekly press conference. “This ruling party causes Turkey to lose,” she said.

“65% of Palestinian women want to take part in politics”

Due to social pressure, women’s participation rate in politics is very low in Palestine. “But 65 percent of Palestinian women want to take part in politics. We started a program on women’s rights and more than a thousand women participated in it,” Amna Hamid said.

Iraq’s new women parliamentarians: We can influence the political cycle

Women, who won seats in Iraq’s parliament, state that they will keep their promises and that they can influence the political cycle in Iraq.

97 women win seats in Iraq’s parliament

Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) has announced the results of Iraq's early parliamentary elections held on October 10. 97 women won seats in Iraq’s parliament, according to the commission.

Omayma Ashour: Moroccan women achieved significant gains by struggling

Morocco celebrates the National Day of the Moroccan Women on October 10. “Moroccan women have achieved significant gains by struggling. They got seven ministries in the last elections and this is a great success for women,” said Omayma Achour, the president of the Jossour Forum for Moroccan ...

PADÊ holds election rally in Shengal

Êzidî Freedom and Democracy Party (PADÊ) held an election rally in Shengal for the upcoming Iraqi general elections. Semir Şêx Derwiş, a candidate of the PADÊ, made a speech and called on Yazidis to support the party.

Iraqi general elections: Women are ignored

Iraq will hold general elections on October 10. Iraqi women demand the candidates care about their votes and focus on works for women.

Former football player becomes MP in Morocco

Former football player Rabab Ailal was elected as MP in the general elections held in Morocco on September 8. “I will use all my rights to defend women.”

“We keep defending the democratic autonomy of Local Governments”

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has announced the final declaration of its Democratic Local Governments Conference held in Ankara. “We are democratizing Turkey and paving the way for the freedom of the Kurdish people!” the HDP says in the final declaration.

Call from Independent candidate Ronak Mecid: People should cast their votes

Iraqi general elections will be held on October 10. While many groups call for boycotting the elections, independent candidate Ronak Mecid, who says she has many projects about health, education, and the environment, calls all people in Iraq to cast their votes.