‘The aim is make the Autonomous Administration take a step back by closing border crossing’

Democratic Unity Party (PYD) Executive Committee Member Perwîn Yûsif reacted to the closure of the Peshabur-Semalka border crossing and called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) not to “stand against the revolution”.


Farmer Malêzya Çuko in Shengal: Break gender stereotypes

Malêzya Çuko, a farmer in Shengal (Sinjar) challenges gender stereotypes by driving a combine harvester. She calls on women to “Choose the career you want by breaking gender stereotypes.”

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26th Flying Broom International Women Films Festival kicks off

The 26th Flying Broom International Women’s Films Festival kicked off in Ankara last night with the award ceremony. Award winners dedicated their awards to Çiğdem Mater.