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09:18 ecology “300,000 people suffer from water scarcity in Tunisia”
08:30 community/life Role of campaigns in abolition of retaliation punishment
08:06 labor/economy She plants seeds in her seedbed for 15 years
08:00 art and culture 300-year-old cluster houses in Hizan start to fall apart
15:20 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 493rd day
13:00 art and culture “Being a woman is very hard, you’d have to work hard to succeed”
09:50 actual UN Human Rights Office concerned over Iran’s crackdown on civil society
09:40 actual Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink detained by KDP
09:10 law Turkish court acquits man accused of child sexual abuse for lack of “concrete evidence”
08:24 community/life Widows in Idlib face social pressures
09:00 art and culture Describing consumption and chaos by painting
09:30 feature Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution-4-
09:00 community/life Tawasul Center works to rehabilitate autistic children, integrate them into society
14:00 actual German lawmakers recognize Yazidi genocide
13:55 actual Sit-in protest for justice enters its 487th day
08:14 community/life Lack of housing, maximum pressure on renters in Iran
08:10 feature Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution-3
14:18 actual Women launch general strike to protest recent murders of women in Middle East
14:05 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 486th day
13:14 law Egyptian Court sentences murderer of Naira Ashraf to death
13:00 sport Women's football match organized by Al Mashtal Club in Gaza
11:30 labor/economy Women going shopping for Feast of Sacrifice return home empty-handed
09:45 politics “The people are ready to resist all kinds of attacks”
08:38 actual A horrific crime...Jordanian man kills his two daughters
07:50 feature Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution-2
07:10 community/life Women of Hakkari: We want to live free in our villages
14:00 labor/economy 53 women workers lost their lives in the first 6 months of 2022, report says
13:38 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 485th day
13:34 actual “Many people have heard our voices but not ATK”
13:20 actual Women of Makhmur camp: Firm stance should be taken against Turkey’s crimes
12:06 community/life Kongra Star organizes course for men to change patriarchal mentality
12:00 feature Mala Jin becomes symbol of women’s revolution-1
09:20 art and culture Women participate in musical project started in Manbij
08:20 law Victims of child abuse threatened!
14:52 actual “Release sick prisoners”
14:48 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 484th day
13:52 actual CPT: 2 children were killed in Turkish mortar shells
13:45 politics HDP Women’s Council meets with Norwegian and Danish delegations
10:40 art and culture “Every musical instrument has a soul”
10:35 actual Turkey: Men kill at least 31 women in June
09:28 actual SES Co-chair Selma Atabey arrested
08:58 politics “We will ensure his freedom”
15:32 art and culture ‘Our Heritage” exhibition held in Egypt
15:30 politics HDP Co-chairs: We are stronger than yesterday
13:15 actual Operetta “Generation of Renaissance” initiative aims to support Palestinian children
13:00 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 483rd day
10:26 community/life Journey from France to Rojava
09:44 community/life “Safe Spaces for Women” project started for women in Gaza
08:50 actual Soldiers open fire on minibus carrying refugees in Van: 1 killed, at least 10 wounded
07:30 community/life She returns to her burned village as shepherd after years