Signing ceremony of Women's World Boxing Championship without women!

Only men attended the signing ceremony of the Women's World Boxing Championship in Istanbul. The photo shared on social media sparks anger.

Young Women's Football League ends

The First Young Women’s Football League, which was initiated on June 29 with the contributions of the Youth and Sports Committee in the Euphrates Region, has ended. The champion of the league is Berxwedan Football team. Yekiti Football team takes second place in the league.

Soma invites women to do sports to have healthier life

Weight lifter Soma Fazil Abid, who has been interested in sports for about three years and has won many medals, invites women to do sports to have a healthier life.

Lebanese women learn self-defense techniques to protect themselves

More Lebanese women attend self-defense classes to protect themselves from violence. Self-defense instructor Yasmine Abu Jweed teaches women self-defense techniques with the support of UN Women. “We become stronger,” say women attending self-defense classes.

Despite Taliban, she stays in Afghanistan: I want to keep playing football

Taliban banned women from playing sports after it took control of Afghanistan. Many female athletes left the country while some decided to stay in their country. Environmentalist, women's rights advocate and football player Om El Benin Baturi is one of them. She calls for support to keep playing ...

Şaxo Rizgar from Halabja teaches women how to ride bike

“Cycling can help to protect nature and you from serious diseases,” says Şaxo Rizgar, who teaches women how to ride a bike.

Yazidi women play football

Yazidi young women’s football teams Nehda Xanesor and Nucum Sinune had a match in the Borik town of Shengal. Nehda Xanesor won the match.

Female football players on their way back home

Women football players participated in the First Young Women’s Football League in Kobanî have begun to return their home in NE Syria.

Young women break chains with football

The First Young Women’s Football League in Kobanî has continued for seven weeks. “We break the chains with football,” the female football players say.

Deniz Poyraz Football Tournament: 6 football teams competed

Yesterday, six football teams competed in the football tournament held in memory of Deniz Poyraz, who was killed in the attack on the HDP Izmir office.