“The attack was not intentionally but planned”

Seven months ago, Nurcan Kaplan, who applied for protective order 12 times against her husband, and her mother Nezire Demir were attacked by her husband, Tarık Kaplan, with a gun. Lawyer Zelal Erdemci told us that an indictment has been prepared against the perpetrator, who went to kill two women, ...

Laws written by women in NE Syria

Stating that women’s rights are not guaranteed in the Syrian constitutions and women are ignored in Syria, Ster Qasim, member of the North and East Syrian Women's Council Coordination, said that women in Northern and Eastern Syria have been writing the laws that concern them.

“Prisoners get out of prison in coffins, not with hope”

The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT) Istanbul representative Ümit Efe spoke to NuJINHA about the conditions of prisoners and she said, “2021 was a year when allegations of violence, torture, ill-treatment, and harassment in prisons were intense.”

Judge asks mother: Why did you attend your daughter’s commemoration ceremony?

Peace Mother Hadle Oğur was arrested while attending her daughter’s commemoration ceremony. At the hearing of the trial against her, the judge asked her, “Why did you attend your daughter’s commemoration ceremony?” She has faced three years and 15 days prison sentence for attending her ...

“Don’t leave journalist Hala Fouad Badawi alone”

Yemeni journalist and media activist Hala Fouad Badawi has been arrested over her reports and social media posts. Lawyer and a human rights defender Afraa Al-hariri told NuJINHA that the rights of Hala Fouad Badawi have been violated since she was arrested.

Gülseren Yoleri: “Holding sick people in prisons is murder”

Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch Chairperson Gülseren Yoleri spoke to NuJINHA about the situation of jailed politician Aysel Tuğluk and sick prisoners. Holding sick people in prisons is “murder”, she said.

Tunisian women struggle for better future

We spoke to Ahlem Belhadj, a member of the Tunisian Association of the Democratic Women (ATFD), about their works and goals.

Algerian women demand implementation of anti-violence laws

Violence against women has been increasing in Algeria especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. Algerian women demand the implementation of anti-violence laws, the punishment of perpetrators of violence, support to victims of violence, and awareness-raising activities to be carried out in order to ...

Women lawyers: Awareness-raising activities against violence should be carried out

111,777 cases of violence against women were recorded in the first 10 months of 2021 in the Federal Kurdistan Region. Women lawyers spoke to NuJINHA about the increasing rate of gender-based violence in the region and said, “Awareness-raising activities against violence should be carried ...

Yemen: Murderer of Marwa Al-Baiti sentenced to death

The final hearing of the murder trial of Marwa Al-Baiti was held in Yemen. Muhammad Al-Jafri has been sentenced to death for murdering Marwa Al-Baiti.