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14:43 actual “We feel the pain that Yazidi women feel”
14:00 actual “Don't they have any conscience at all?” Emine Şenyaşar asks
13:50 actual 3 female revolutionary commanders laid to rest
12:56 community/life Beritan Şengalî: Witness of Yazidi genocide -1-
10:48 community/life Sedaqa aims to provide work friendly environment for working women
10:40 community/life First female pharmacy professor in Kurdistan Region: Struggle for your dreams
08:00 art and culture Historic Great Mosque of Khurmal faces extinction
13:45 actual Women of Qamishlo: Turkey is a threat to the Middle East
13:32 actual TAJÊ: Iraqi people should unite against Turkish attacks
12:38 actual United Kurdish Women's Platform: Strengthen the struggle for the unity of people
12:25 actual Yemeni women activists face defamation campaign
10:16 actual People living in Makhmur refugee camp protest Zakho massacre
10:15 actual Cancellation of Munzur Festival: “These bans are not the first or the last bans”
09:25 editor's pick Movie of the day: Women Make Film
08:04 art and culture Qasr al-Basha brings together many civilizations
16:24 actual Women of Kobanê condemn Zakho massacre
15:48 actual Şenyaşar family demand justice for 500 days
14:10 actual Families of prisons want their voices to be heard
13:28 actual People of Shengal march to initiate their activities against genocide
12:40 actual TGC’s 2022 Press Freedom Award given to jailed 16 Kurdish journalists
12:30 labor/economy Female artisans of Dersim: We face the worst economic crisis of recent years
09:10 community/life Important role of mothers in Rojava Revolution
17:30 ecology Mariam Assi realizes her dream of recycling
13:38 actual Şenyaşar family demands justice for victims of Suruç Massacre
13:15 actual Investigation launched against Jinnews reporter Öznur Değer
12:35 actual Women celebrate 10th anniversary of Rojava Revolution across NE Syria
10:28 editor's pick Song of the day: Shekoufeh Miraghsad by Hooniak Band
09:48 actual Support Group for Rojava: Stop Turkey’s attacks
09:00 law Hüseyin Oruç acquitted in rape case before killing Pelda Karaduman
07:40 actual Turkish court upholds exit from Istanbul Convention
14:38 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 498th day
14:30 actual Revolution in Rojava inspires all women
13:38 actual Families of prisoners: Why does everyone play ostrich?
12:25 sport Narges Rahmani: Fitness, bodybuilding, Zumba trainer in Iran
12:00 actual Victims of chemical weapons attack in Halabja come together
10:18 labor/economy Women of Germiyan: We cannot afford to buy what we need
10:06 actual Literary Salon of Noon hold its monthly meeting in Gaza
08:30 community/life Şemsa, whose son was killed by ISIS: We will not allow ISIS to return
08:00 law Women revolutionize judiciary system in northeastern Syria
15:10 actual Women of Manbij condemn killing of journalist Menal Salih al Mizel
14:30 actual Middle East Women's Forum to be held on July 22-23
14:18 art and culture Artist Lana Awad uses art to draw attention to women’s issues
14:00 actual Deniz Poyraz murder trial starts: Man threatens people monitoring trial with gun
12:58 actual Sit-in protest for justice enters its 497th day: Release my son
09:42 community/life Marital rape: Violence against women’s body and soul
08:00 community/life Ninhursag Center treats diseases by using natural methods
07:15 actual Permanent victims in Afghanistan: Journalists
12:48 actual “The truth came out through our struggle,” Şenyaşar family says
12:35 actual Female journalist killed in Deir ez-Zor
09:45 actual CPJ’s 2022 International Press Freedom Award presented to Niyaz Abdullah