Universities sow seeds of new life in NE Syria-3

Students: Our future is in our own universities Most students prefer Rojava University to study in Kurdish and they want to teach what they have learned to next generations, “Our future is in our university."

Universities sow seeds of new life in NE Syria-2

Rohan Mistefa: Students are educated with a perspective respecting democracy, ecology, and women’s freedom

Universities sow seeds of new life in NE Syria-1

Great interest in Faculty of Jineology There are four universities in NE Syria, first was founded in Afrin. These universities have many faculties such as Kurdish Literature, Economics, Engineering and Jineology. The new departments are opened in the universities according to the demands of the ...

Memory of Kurdish culture: Dengbêj-5

Aslîka Qadir keeps singing her songs Dengbêj Aslîka Qadir, best-known for her song “Welatê Me Kurdistan e”, dedicates her life to Kurdish art and culture. She still takes the stage and sings her songs with a strong voice.

Memory of Kurdish culture: Dengbêj-4

Zadîna Şakir: The base of Kurdish culture Zadîna Şakir, who dedicated her life to Kurdish art and culture, composed and sang many songs.

Memory of Kurdish culture: Dengbêj-3

Fatma İsa: The dengbêj of all time The songs of dengbêjan (plural of dengbej) have been listened to for years. The songs of Fatma İsa are among them.

Memory of Kurdish culture: Dengbêj-2

Sûsika Simo: A Dengbêj without borders Sûsika Simo was a female dengbêj, whose Kurdish and Armenian songs were listened to in many countries through Radio Yerevan.

Memory of Kurdish culture: Dengbêj (Storytellers)

Their voices listened by generations Touching voices of female dengbêjan (plural of dengbej) generate songs and tell stories. Their voices could be heard in Diyarbakır, Urmia, Duhok, and Qamishlo from Radio Yerevan. Fatma İsa, Susika Simo, Sisa Mecid, Zadina Şakir and Aslika Qadir were among ...

Start of Libyan women’s era in struggle for trade unions– 2

Nermin Sharif: I keep struggling despite all the pressures Three assassination attempts were carried out against her, she was detained many times, her passport was confiscated, she was marginalized, false information was shared about her, but she never gives up her struggle for workers. “Despite ...

Start of Libyan women’s era in struggle for trade unions– 1

Struggle for trade unions from past to today While the struggle for unions differs from country to country, this struggle continues in Libya, where strikes have been banned since 1972, despite all pressures. The activities of trade unions are seen as a danger in non-democratic countries, the ...