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12:36 law Canan Kaftancıoğlu sent to prison
12:05 actual She protects woman running from her husband trying to kill her
11:00 law Jinnews reporter Zelal Tunç sentenced to 8 months, 22 days in prison
10:55 actual 11 women detained in Batman
10:25 ecology Drought fueled by climate change may last years
10:00 editor's pick Struggle of 65-year-old Yazidi woman
09:58 politics “Why do the international powers remain silent about the chemical weapons used against the Kurds?”
09:56 community/life Bouchra Chakir: Moroccan women journalists seek justice
09:45 art and culture “I forget my illness by making handicrafts”
14:02 actual Young people march in Hasakah: We will frustrate the attacks through our struggle
13:50 actual Şenyaşar family demands justice for 448 days
11:55 actual Kongra Star: We oppose the Turkish occupation and defend the women's revolution
11:00 politics “The isolation imposed upon Öcalan is an isolation against humanity and we must take a stand against it”
09:45 politics Îlham Metlî: We will exist again with the Social Contract
09:15 actual Arab-Kurdish Dialogue Conference held in Lebanon
08:10 labor/economy Harvest season for barley, wheat starts in Deir ez-Zor
07:40 actual Sudanese women's activist wins human rights prize
07:00 community/life Maysa Al-Ali: Displaced people require medical care and basic essentials
08:58 art and culture Women of Deir ez-Zor preserve their traditional clothes
14:28 actual Human Rights Watch: Turkey fails domestic violence victims
13:46 actual Women’s Emergency Support App to offer service in Kurdish after 4 years
11:46 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 445th day
11:35 actual Support from EŞİK to women artists: We do not accept the bans
09:48 politics “We will always stand against attacks”
09:37 community/life Female traffic officers direct traffic in NE Syria
08:25 law Moroccan women tell their stories about online harassment by their relatives
08:15 actual Man sentenced to 12 years in prison for raping a minor
08:00 art and culture "Beirut the Aftermath” tells story of Beirut port explosion.
14:48 actual Women march in Taiz to demand end of siege
13:57 labor/economy "I am 22 and I lost 22 people" exhibition by Palestinian artist
13:36 actual 444th day of sit-in protest: We demand our rights
11:49 politics NE Syrian women’s organizations: We are determined to strengthen our struggle against the attacks
11:18 actual Protest in Shahba in front of Russian military headquarters
10:24 community/life Kurdish political refugees in Kurdistan Region face risk of being killed
09:15 art and culture Documentary telling Nujiyan’s struggle: I fulfilled her will
08:45 actual Mexico Court Upholds Abortion Right for Child Rape Victims
13:40 politics “Yazidi women will not allow a new genocide”
12:46 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 443rd day
12:45 actual New project in Tunisia for women agricultural workers
12:40 sport Voice of disabled women athletes in Benghazi: Hamida Al-Mushaiti
10:25 ecology Deforestation in Şenyayla: They invest in war not forest
10:24 community/life Khawla Shabeh: The fast deterioration of press freedom is a setback on the path to democracy
08:31 law “The cause for the increasing divorce rate in Gaza is violence”
08:20 labor/economy She follows her dreams with one hand
14:10 art and culture Sit-in protest enters its 442nd day: The persecution continues
13:22 actual Öykü Çakmak: Men encouraged by the policy of impunity kill women
13:00 actual ADWAR organizes first aid course for women
10:30 actual “We should unite against the occupation,” young women in Sulaymaniyah say
10:20 labor/economy Zeyneb Ehmed earns a living by cracking walnuts
09:18 labor/economy Sewing workshop in Deir ez-Zor promotes women's economic empowerment