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Pomegranate Festival kicks off in Halabja

The 7th Pomegranate Festival kicks off in Halabja. Many agricultural products and Kurdish dishes have been also exhibited at the festival.

“Women should read books”

“Women should read books,” says award-winning writer Saja Hamdan.

Saliha Ebdi tries to preserve Kofi tradition

70-year-old Saliha Ebdi Mustefa makes Kofi (a kind of scarves worn by Kurdish women) to earn a living and to preserve century-old Kurdish women’s tradition.

Culture carriers pass their local dresses down through many generations

Kurdish women still preserve the local dresses left by their mothers and grandmothers to wear them on special occasions such as weddings, feasts, and celebrations. They call on the young generation to embrace their culture.

She combines painting with embroidery

Mudan İbrahim is an artist who combines painting with embroidery to create unique works of art.

Flamenco contains everything about life, people

“Flamenco is not just the dance or the music of pain. It is feeling, emotion, love, anger, pain, and joy.”

Women exhibit their handicrafts

Nearly 40 women held a handicrafts exhibition in Sharazoor. 18 women exhibited their handicraft products at the exhibition. “Actually, each product at the exhibition has a historical meaning and story.”

Women’s Festival held in Kobanî

3rd Stêrvan Young Women’s Festival was held in Kobanî. At the festival, women sang Italian, Arabic and Kurdish songs and performed folk dances. Internationalist artists also took the stage.

Film telling stories of women: “Semay Jiyan” to be screened soon

Kurdish director Viyan Mayi’s film named “Semay Jiyan” was shot in Germany. The film telling the stories of women will be screened soon.

Vahide Perçin becomes new president of Actors' Union of Turkey

4th Ordinary General Assembly of the Actors' Union of Turkey was held on September 10, 2021. Vahide Perçin becomes the new president of the Actors' Union of Turkey.