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Young people killed in Kobanî commemorated in Shehba

The Revolutionary Young Women's Union organized an event in Shehba to commemorate seven young people who were killed in the attack of Turkey in Kobanê.

Films by women filmmakers to be screened in Amed

Rosa Women’s Association will screen films created by women filmmakers as part of the “Purple Meridians” project. The aim of the two-day film screening is to make violence against women visible through art.

Women of Afrin pass down their culture from generation to generation

Women of Afrin, who migrated from Afrin to Shehba wearing their traditional clothes, told us that they will conserve their culture by passing down it from generation to generation.

Her hobby becomes her profession

Hividar Belek, who has created many tile artworks for years, wants to open her workshop. “Producing something motivates me. This art gives me a space to breathe,” she told us.

Three children overcome disabilities with art

Ayda El Abdullah was forced into child marriage. She gave birth to five children but three of them are disabled. Stating that she did her best to make her children stand on their own legs, Ayla proudly shows the paintings of her youngest child, Şehed, who has painted since he was seven years ...

“I feel everything different with music”

Zilan Hasret Yıldız is a daf player. She grew up in a musician family, her father is a dengbej, her brother is a baglama player. After taking daf courses from Sami Hosseini, she became a member of the Ahura Rhythm Community. We listened to her journey with daf and music.

Hilala Zêrin makes great efforts in 2021

Hilala Zêrin Movement, which carries out cultural activities in Northern and Eastern Syria, makes great efforts in 2021. It aims to be more active in 2022.

Poems she writes in prison collected in DIL-BIRİN

Journalist Dılbirin Turgut collected the poems she wrote in prison into her poetry book titled “DIL-BIRİN”. Her book, which was published several days ago, tells her five-month hunger strike and memories in the prison.

Stories of two women photographers in Rojava

Women photographers from Rojava take photos of what they witness with passion and love to immortalize their own history.

Jineology Academy publishes its book entitled “Historical foundations and Future of Women’s Revolution”

NE Syria’s Jineology Academy presented the book entitled “Historical foundations and future of women's revolution”.