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08:40 community/life 8th anniversary of Yazidi genocide: 2,700 Yazidi women are still missing
08:05 community/life Genocide and aftermath for Yazidi women -3-
14:21 actual 2 children killed by Iranian regime forces in Marivan
13:39 actual Meeting in Algeria on women's economic empowerment
13:18 actual Members of Kongra Star: We will resist the attacks
13:15 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 512th day
10:45 law Female university students in Dersim face terrorism charges for celebrating International Women’s Day
09:42 community/life Genocide and aftermath for Yazidi women -2-
09:33 actual Maryam Karimbeigi sentenced to more than 3 years in prison
09:28 actual Fayiza Xetab: The unity of women should be strengthened
08:06 art and culture “Hajar Khatoon” of Sanandaj’s Sartapoleh neighborhood
16:24 actual “The torture against Aysel Tuğluk must end immediately”
14:33 actual "Attacks won't break the will of women"
13:49 actual Sit-in protest for justice enters its 511th day
12:53 community/life Genocide and aftermath for Yazidi women -1-
09:35 community/life Call from families of disappeared for found human bones: DNA tests should be done
08:10 community/life Women of Kobanê to strengthen their struggle against attacks
08:00 feature Private schools in Kurdistan Region threaten Kurdish language
07:45 editor's pick Song of the day: La vie en rose by Édith Piaf
13:56 actual 7 HDP members detained in Istanbul
13:42 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 508th day
13:28 ecology Wildfires in Morocco deepen suffering of rural women
12:10 law Another criminal complaint against Ezgi Mola
12:08 actual Young women of Shengal march to mark Yazidi Genocide anniversary
12:00 actual Preparation for HDP’s rally in Amed: A permanent and honored peace is needed
15:48 actual 2 women executed in Iran
15:06 actual Solidarity center opened in Patnos for women
15:00 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues for 507 days
14:20 labor/economy Displaced women facing labor exploitation paid low wages
14:10 community/life Women excluded from decision-making positions in Algeria
11:00 law Swap traces, autopsy report reveal false statements of Hasret’s murderer Şervan Gülel
09:42 labor/economy Daily challenges faced by women peddlers in Tehran
09:30 actual Mass grave found in Manbij
08:00 community/life Beritan Şengalî: Witness of Yazidi genocide -4-
14:54 actual Sewing course for women in Raperin
13:35 actual Families of prisoners call for solidarity
13:32 actual “This persecution will definitely end one day” Şenyaşar family says
13:30 actual SDF commander Jiyan Tohildan laid to rest
12:08 art and culture Lebanese artist supports cancer patients with her art
10:15 actual Zehra Şahîn: We will never leave our village
10:00 community/life Women of Idlib suffer from arranged, exchange marriages
08:30 community/life Beritan Şengalî: Witness of Yazidi genocide -3-
14:49 actual Yazidi Women's Aid Network: Iraq creates obstacles instead of rescuing women
13:15 community/life Femicide cases rising in regions occupied by Turkey
12:30 actual “The wound made by injustice continues to bleed” Şenyaşar family says
11:20 labor/economy Dersim struggles with suicides, migrations led by economic crisis, marginalization
10:30 actual Conference in Gaza on women’s political participation
10:20 actual Letter from WWC to revolutionary women of Rojava
08:54 community/life Women of Tell Tamer: We are ready to fight, protect our honor
08:45 community/life Beritan Şengalî: Witness of Yazidi genocide -2-