NuJINHA, women’s voice from past to future...


In the Middle East, where everything was built by women in history, women’s uprising turns towards the sun, enlightenment like a sunflower turning towards the sun.

Women’s great struggle guides women on these lands and around the world.

The struggle to make their future built by them more visible, to reach women living around the world or for the need for solidarity bring women together once again.

Women journalists having experiences begin their journey to creat a new language and the truths.

The voices of women, who are exploited every day at home and at work, whose identity is ignored in neighborhoods, at home, in workplaces as workers, artists, academics or writers, will exceed the borders.


Under the umbrella of NuJINHA, women following the truths will get together with readers by writing news and article series.

Women are going to write in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish and English the story of each women without discriminating their language, religion and race and remind that we are stronger together.

Women are going to share the truth of being a woman led by Women's Media Culture Foundation based in Sweden.

Women journalists set off on this new journey as a new news agency. NuJINHA is ready to be a part of women’s lives and report the changes in their lives.

We are glad to be with you...