First in Gaza: Young woman grows organic oyster mushrooms

Alaa Al-Masri, 27, is a young Palestinian woman living in the Gaza Strip. Although she is a university graduate and has a master’s degree in business administration, she grows organic oyster mushrooms. After attending an agriculture fair, she decided to grow oyster mushrooms. “I grow 150 ...

“They are both economic and healthy,” says Eysa İbrahim, who builds earth roof

Earth is one of the most abundant, basic building materials used in building houses and roofs for nearly ten thousand years. Eysa İbrahim, who builds earth roofs in Kobanî, says, “They are both economic and healthy.”

Historical sites being targeted in Şerawa

Historical sites in the Mezin and Xirab Şemsê villages of Afrin’s Şerawa town have been targeted by the Turkish army and Turkey-backed armed factions. Women living in the villages say that the aim of attacks on the historical sites is to destroy the memory of people and they call on ...

Helale’s journey from milk cartons to greenhouse

Helale began to plant roses in milk cartons in 1995 and now she has a big greenhouse garden.

Yedigöller fascinates with its unique landscape

While the natural beauties in Yedigöller continue to fascinate those who see it, the reflection of the unique landscape in the water of its lakes creates a completely different image, challenging the reality.

Water crisis in Khuzestan intensifying

While the water crisis in Iran's Khuzestan province has been intensifying, diseases have spread in the Nagazeh village of the province due to water pollution.

Nature of Afrin being plundered

Mervet Hemede, a member of Ecology Council of Shehba Municipality, reacted to the plundering of Afrin's trees by cutting down and said, “Let’s work more against the plundering of nature together. Let's show the world the real face of those who plunder.”

Kandovan village keeps fascinating its visitors

Kandovan Village, which has thousand-year-old history, is known for its rock houses. It keeps fascinating its visitors.

Beautiful natural wonder: Abant Lake

Abant Lake, which was declared as a natural park in 1988, is surrounded by forests. It offers a resting opportunity to the tourists with its beautiful nature. Citizens who take a walk around the lake and in the forest are trying to get rid of the stress of big cities by enjoying the fresh air.

Another hydroelectric power plant to be built on Zorava Stream

The second hydroelectric power plant planned to be built in Siirt province will put nature, settlements, people, and animals in the region at risk.