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09:20 actual Women of Deir ez-Zor: We will stage a social revolution through education and self-organization
08:00 community/life “As the wind blows, I smell that reminds me of my village”
16:35 actual Attack on Sinunê Peoples’ Assembly, shops: casualties reported
15:06 art and culture Poet-singer Şahsenem Bacı dies at 79
13:00 actual Maryam Karimbeigi starts hunger strike in Evin Prison
12:56 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 464th day
12:54 actual Medical convoy in Egypt to raise awareness of FGM
12:10 actual HDP: We share the pain of the Syriac people on the 107th anniversary of the Sayfo massacre
10:18 community/life Campaign launched in Morocco to combat cyberbullying
09:46 editor's pick Symbol of Palestinian feminist movement: Azza Qassem
09:20 labor/economy Another example of solidarity from women of Shengal
07:32 labor/economy Economic crisis threatens Lebanese people's welfare
14:38 politics Women take part in negotiations on opening roads in Taiz
13:22 actual Canan Kaftancıoğlu's party membership revoked
13:20 actual First commemoration after four years: Justice is underground!
13:00 actual “All women should unite to combat violence against women”
10:25 community/life Effects of cluster bombs used in Tall Tamr by Turkey
10:16 art and culture Malika Omrani makes her voice heard through her books
07:51 labor/economy Iranian citizens struggle to survive by selling napkins, flower bouquets
07:46 actual 837 journalists release joint statement for detained journalists
14:00 actual Emine Şenyaşar calls on everyone to be with them tomorrow
13:00 actual Another woman killed in Al-Hol camp
12:58 actual Journalists held in detention wards without ventilation
12:50 art and culture Hêza wins Best Documentary at Film in Focus International Film Festival
11:32 politics Economist Gulele Sediq: PDK plunders natural gas in Kurdistan
11:30 community/life Landmines left by ISIS continue to hurt people
10:23 actual Dozens participating in Gemlik March in Istanbul detained
10:20 ecology She decorates her neighborhood with flowers
07:32 actual Panel in Shahba stresses objection to Turkish occupation policies
07:30 art and culture Hatun makes a living from beekeeping for 25 years
07:25 actual Women in Manbij stress significance of solidarity in reaction to Turkish assault
13:50 actual Morocco approves new committee to boost gender equality
13:08 actual Call from Şenyaşar family
12:44 art and culture Pomegranate Flower Festival held in Halabja
12:26 art and culture “Beirut Cinema Days” returns after 3 years
12:24 actual “Photos of Wadi Gaza” exhibition opens in Gaza
09:46 community/life Displaced women living in Washokani camp: “The world remains silent”
08:50 art and culture She keeps kohl culture alive
07:40 politics Hadiya Shammo:Turn Shengal into a huge jail is the start of a new farman
14:56 actual Detained 21 journalists held in separate detention wards
14:22 politics “Turkey violates the law by prosecuting Çiçek Kobane”
14:18 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family continues on its 458th day
12:50 actual RJAK: We should struggle together to stop femicide
10:48 community/life Behiya Izo who lives in Umm al-Keif village: Stop Turkish attacks
09:44 community/life AISHA Association supports victims of violence in Gaza
08:05 community/life Car repair course for women in Benghazi
07:24 labor/economy Women of Idlib turn old, unused items into artworks
13:45 actual Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 457th day
13:15 actual Families of prisoners: Be our voice
12:41 actual Gazan women share their experiences with Italian delegation