• Women rebuild life with "hope" in Kobanî- 1 

    Women are pioneers Today is the anniversary of the liberation of Kobanî. The women, who displayed a historical resistance against ISIS, which attacked Kobanî with the support of the sovereign powers, have put their stamp on history. The revolutionary women defeated ISIS and liberated Kobanî. Berivan İsmail, a member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), spoke to NuJINHA about the spirit of women’s resistance in Kobanî. She told us that women have worked for the solution to the Syrian crisis.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -11 

    Nature is protected by the spirit of goddesses The ecological structure is also destroyed in the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. The Ecology Committee of Kongra Star has protected nature with the spirit of goddesses. Rihan Temo, spokesperson of the committee, called on women, people, organizations and institutes and said, “Protect your lands, nature because our lands are rich. We want to create the mentality protecting ecology culture in society. We should protect our environment and trees.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -10 

    Women keep culture alive Cultural and artistic activities are the most important activities in Rojava. While many projects have been conducted with the participation of women, children and young people from ethical groups, Rûken Mihemed, executive of the Hîlala Zêrîn Culture and Art Movement, emphasized that the post-revolution culture is kept alive by women.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -9 

    Women in Rojava improve economy Pointing out that the women have improved the economy in Rojava, Armanc Mihemed, executive of the Economy Committee of Kongra Star, said that they have achieved significant successes by realizing many projects.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -8 

    “Women's justice defends equality” Welae El-Eli, member of the Women's Council for Social Justice in Cizîr Region, spoke to NuJINHA about the works of the council.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -7 

    “HPC-JIN defends the reality, existence, and rights of women” “Women and children have defended their lands since the beginning of humanity. Today, the members of the HPC-JIN defend their society and lands,” said Hediye Abdullah, the executive of the Women's Social Defense Units (HPC-JIN).

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -6 

    “Kongra Star diplomacy has carried out important work in making the Revolution in Rojava known all around the world and increasing support for Rojava,” said Ruken Ehmed, member of the Diplomacy Committee of Kongra Star.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -5 

    Social Committee develops projects for people Social Committee of Kongra Star has taken important social steps in the Revolution in Rojava, it has also become an area for educating and organizing the society. The committee has carried out activities for people of all ages. It has held meetings with families and listened to them in order to carry out awareness-raising activities for them. The Social Committee's responsibility is to democratize families in society and to resolve the problems faced by families. Gulistan Eli, spokesperson of the committee, spoke to NuJINHA about the activities of the committee.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -4 

    “The way to reach the truth is education” Koçer Hisen, the spokesperson of the Education Committee of Rojava Kongra Star, says that the way to build an equal and free life in society is through education.

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -3 

    Rihan Loqo: Kongra Star organizes everywhere Riham Loqo, a coordination member of the Kongra Star in Rojava, states that the works of Kongra Star spread everywhere, “We will continue to work in line with the Democratic Nation Paradigm.”

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -2 

    Remziye Mihemed: Despite the pressure, we left our mark in history Emphasizing that they continue to work despite the pressure by inheriting the legacy of resistance of many women such as Beritan, Zarif, Leyla, and Zilan, Remziye Mihemed, one of the first members of Yekitiya Star, says “We have been determined to be organized. Despite the pressures, we left our mark on history.”

  • Model organization for all women: Kongra Star -1 

    Women have been leading a historical revolution in a small country of the world. While the brutal attacks of ISIS on Rojava have been repelled by the resistance of women, their resistance encourages all women around the world. Despite the ongoing attacks on Rojava, women organize them in all areas, from economy to ecology, from politics to diplomacy. Yekitiya Star announced its foundation in 2005 under the pressure of the Baathist regime. After holding its sixth congress, the name of Yekitiya Star was changed to its current name of Kongra Star. Kongra Star, which has carried out important activities for women in Rojava, has 12 committees aiming to build the Democratic Nation.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-7 

    Celia Sánchez: The heart of the Cuban Revolution Celia Sánchez Manduley was the heart and soul of the Cuban Revolution. “Fears are now history, and now the people have a real sense of their own feelings and the revolution is above all else,” she wrote in her letter to her father.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-6 

    One of the pioneers of the Cuban Revolution: Vilma Espín Vilma Espín Guillois, who took an active role in the political field, helped found the Federation of Cuban Women and promoted equal rights for Cuban women in all spheres of life.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-5 

    Tania the Guerrilla: Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider, also known as Tania or Tania the Guerrilla, was born in Argentina and grew up in Germany. Inspired by the Cuban Revolution, Tania went to Cuba to build a new life there. She fought during the Bolivian Insurgency and lost her life.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-4 

    The revolution’s ‘Yeyé’: Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado, also known as “Yeyé”, was a Cuban revolutionary and politician. Yeyé, who was subjected to torture in custody for days, didn’t talk and played an important role in the Cuban Revolution.

  • Roboski: Endless mourning in the village where 34 people were killed 

    34 people were killed by bombs on December 28, 2011. The mourning of their mothers never ends. Today marks the 10th year since they were killed. The villagers, particularly mothers, have demanded justice for their killed relatives for 10 years despite the policy of immunity in the case. The women of the Roboski village have worn black clothes since the massacre took place.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-3 

    Heroine of the Cuban Revolution: Melba Hernández Young revolutionary Melba Hernández involved in the 1953 Moncada Barracks assault with her comrade Haydée Santamaría. She is known by Cuban people as the “Heroine of the Cuban Revolution” for her actions during the Cuban Revolutionary war.

  • Roboski Massacre: Nobody has been tried for 10 years despite applications 

    10 years have passed since 34 people, including 17 children, were killed in the bombardment of the Turkish Armed Forces’ jets. After the decision of non-jurisdiction of the Turkish court, the families of 34 persons applied to the European Court of Human Rights; however, the court issued an inadmissibility decision regarding the application concerning the Roboski massacre on the grounds that domestic remedies had not been exhausted. Kerem Altıparmak, one of the lawyers of the families, reported that they brought the case before the Constitutional Court. “None of the public officials has been tried during the process,” he said.

  • Cuban Revolution led by women-2 

    First Women’s Brigade formed Although men did not want women to be at the forefront of the revolution, Cuban women revolutionaries formed their first brigade to change the social roles assigned to women and men. Their decision to form a women’s brigade made their success in the revolution visible.