• “Women will embrace our declaration stronger” 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Pervin Buldan made a speech at the meeting of the party’s women’s council.

  • Women attend educational workshop to strengthen themselves 

    Women’s Council of the Future Syria Party has held an educational workshop named “Martyr Sewsen Birhat” for the council’s members. The council aims to strengthen women in all areas.

  • One million Moroccan women to vote today 

    The Moroccan High Commission for Planning has announced that one million Moroccan women will cast their votes in today’s general elections.

  • Morocco to hold general elections today 

    Today, 32 political parties are competing in the general elections to be held in Morocco today. The parties announced their programs in their election campaigns to ask for the votes. Most parties have special programs for women. Moroccan women think these programs are important steps.

  • Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit: Women should call on states to not recognize the Taliban 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit indicated that all women activists should call on their governments to not recognize the Taliban. “We should be the voices of Afghan women. Afghan women should use their self-defense. Women using their self-defense defeated ISIS. I believe that Afghan women can take these women’s self-defense as a model. I think all Afghan women should use their right to self-defense.”

  • Emine Bekir: The Baath regime should clarify its stance 

    “The Syrian government should clarify its stance and views. Now, we should practice the resolution of the crisis together,” says Emine Bekir, the deputy chair of the Euphrates Region.

  • HDP’s request for additional time accepted 

    Turkish Supreme Court accepts the request of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) for additional time to prepare its defense. The HDP has an additional 30-day period to submit its defense.

  • “Self-defense is a must” say female MPs 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) female MPs Züleyha Gülüm, Nuran İmir and Dilan Dirayet Taşdemir drew attention to many issues such as the rising femicide rates, violence against women, the impunity policies of the AKP, the court rulings in favor of men, Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention. “The only way out is for women to organize themselves in all areas and to develop their self-defense mechanism,” they stated.

  • Abeer Amneina: 30% quota should be reserved for women 

    Dr. Abeer Amneina, a women’s rights activist and member Faculty of Economics, University of Benghazi, spoke to our news agency about the elections in Libya. “There are no laws to encourage women. 30 percent quota should be reserved for women.”

  • Future Syria Party: Lift the embargo 

    Council of the Future Syria Party in Shehba and Afrin called on the government of Damascus to lift the embargo on Dera and Shehba and to implement the UN resolution for the Syrian crisis.

  • Call from political parties in Turkey to be in solidarity with Afghan women 

    Republican People's Party (CHP) Deputy Chairperson Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi called on the international communities and all women of the world to be in solidarity with Afghan women left alone in the Taliban’s barbarism. Labour Party (EMEP) Deputy Chairperson Selma Gürkan pointed out that the gains of women cannot be a matter of negotiation.

  • Moroccan women want equal representation in elections to be held on September 8 

    Moroccan women want equal representation in the upcoming general elections to be held on September 8 however the number of women running for the elections is still low.

  • “The solution to the crisis is possible with the recognition of the Autonomous Administration” 

    Evin Paşo, a member of the Kongreya Star Coordination in Hesekê city, stated that the Autonomous Administration is a project that can solve all the problems and crises in the Middle East, “If international powers want to resolve the Syrian crisis, they should support the Autonomous Administration and push the Damascus government to sit at the dialogue table.”

  • Attacks on female political prisoners 

    Sebahat Tuncel, who has been held in Sincan Prison, reports that they have been subjected to violence in prison especially after the racist incidents in Turkey.

  • Firyaz Berkel: A special and psychological war is carried out against women in Afrin 

    Firyaz Berkel, the chair of the Women's Committee in the Euphrates Region, evaluated Turkey’s policies in Afrin. Noting that a special and psychological war is being carried out particularly against women in Afrin, Firyaz Berkel said, “As the Women's Committee, we will respond to all forms of attack.”

  • Call for national unity from KNK Co-chair Zeynep Murad 

    Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Co-chair Zeynep Murad issued a press statement about her visits to Federal Kurdistan Region. Emphasizing the importance of ensuring national unity in the region, Zeynep Murad called on the regional political authorities to take a stand against Turkish military operations in the region.

  • Jordan: Gender quota in parliament should be increased 

    Inter-Ministerial Committee on Women's Empowerment of Jordan demanded the increase of the women’s quota in the Jordanian parliament.

  • “HPV vaccine should be free” 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) proposed the HPV vaccine should be free for children aged 9-12 and adults and to declare 2022 as the “Year of Combating HPV” to raise awareness.

  • “We have carried out many works for women and achieved significant gains,” says Claudine Aoun 

    “We have carried out many works for women in Lebanon on many issues such as working and social life, child marriage, education, gender, and local administrations. We have achieved significant gains until now,” said Claudine Aoun, the President of the National Commission For Lebanese Women.

  • Women expand their network: “We will defend the rights of women” 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Diyarbakır MP Remziye Tosun spoke about Amed Women’s Council, which was recently founded. “We decided to found this council after the murder of Deniz Poyraz. We will come together with women under the umbrella of the council to struggle against femicides. We will defend the rights of all women like Deniz, İpek, and Gülistan.