• Amed Women’s Council founded 

    The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) announced the foundation of Amed Women’s Council at the meeting held in Diyarbakır. At the meeting, HDP Women’s Council Spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran drew attention to the government's attacks on women's gains and said, “We will struggle by bringing the killers of women like Deniz to account.”

  • HDP Women’s Council: Your special war policies will fail 

    In Hakkari’s Yüksekova district, children and young people were allegedly subjected to sexual abuse and forced into sexual intercourse by law enforcement officers. Democratic Party (HDP) Women’s Council issued a press statement about the allegations.

  • Armed attack on HDP Marmaris office 

    An armed person attacked the district office of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Marmaris, Muğla province early in the morning. According to received reports, the assailant had also attacked the office in 2018.

  • Turkey’s Parliament approves 4th Judicial Reform Package 

    Fourth Judicial Reform Package, including 27 articles, has been approved by Turkey’s parliament.

  • “We will be a new breath in development and politics,” says Moroccan politician Dala Mini 

    Morocco is one of the countries where women's participation in politics is insufficient; the rate of female parliamentarians is not more than 20 percent. General elections will be held in the country. We spoke to Moroccan Liberal Party member Dalal Mini about the upcoming elections, “We will be a new breath in development and politics,” she underlined.

  • “Empowerment women’s participation in political life” workshop by AWO 

    Only 19 percent of parliamentarians in the Middle East and Arab countries are women, Arab Women's Organization Manager Dr. Fadia Kiwan said that women's participation in political life should be empowered.

  • “Arms and drug sales are deepening war,” says activist Kelsum Hesên 

    The conflicts in the Middle East and the hegemonic attacks of the regional states continue to destroy people’s lives. “Arms and drug sales are deepening war,” activist Kelsum Hesên said that the war can be only stopped with unity.

  • Dutch Parliament formally recognizes Êzidî genocide 

    Dutch lawmakers on Tuesday passed a motion recognizing ISIS crimes against the Ezidi community in Shengal in 2014 as genocide. The Dutch parliament formally recognizes the Êzidî genocide. On July 1, the Belgium parliament formally recognized the crimes against Êzidîs as genocide.

  • Zaina Al-gallabi becomes new spokesperson of Yemeni Southern Movement 

    Yemeni Southern Movement (al-Hirak) announced that they have appointed Zaina Al-gallabi, feminist and human rights defender, as the official spokesperson of the Southern Separatist Movement. The appointment is a revolutionary step for Yemen.

  • Tunisian MP Abeer Moussa attacked by male MPs 

    Abeer Moussa, the president of the Free Destourian Party in Tunisia, was subjected to male violence at the parliament and male MPs did nothing just watched the attack. Abeer Moussa shared a video and photos showing the attack on her social media account and wrote, “The Tunisian judiciary hasn’t done anything about the attack yet.”

  • Criminal complaint filed against MHP MP Semih Yalçın 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Pervin Buldan has filed a criminal complaint against Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Vice President and Istanbul MP Semih Yalçın for targeting and insulting her.

  • Call from CHP to Turkish Council of State about Istanbul Convention 

    Republican People's Party (CHP) Women's Branch Chair Aylin Nazlıaka called on the Turkish Council of State about the Istanbul Convention to take a stand for justice.

  • CHP to form “Shadow Commission” to prevent violence against women 

    Republican People's Party (CHP) MP Gamze Taşçıer has announced that they will form a “Shadow Commission” to do what the parliamentary commission investigating the reasons for the violence against women has to do. “We will invite scientists and non-governmental organizations and we will prepare a comprehensive report together,” Gamze Taşçıer said.

  • “We will continue to keep women's gains alive,” says Feleknas Uca 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Batman MP Feleknas Uca made a speech at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). “Eliminating all barriers against women’s participation in politics is our common responsibility. Women will never give up their struggle for existence. We will continue to keep women’s gains alive,” she said.

  • CHP MP Sera Kadıgil resigns, joins left-wing party TİP 

    Republican People's Party (CHP) Istanbul MP Sera Kadıgil announced her resignation Friday and joined the left-wing Workers' Party of Turkey (Türkiye İşçi Partisi-TİP). “If I'm going to be in politics, I want to be in as who I am. Maybe some will say it is impossible but I persist in having a world without any exploitation and social class inequality,” she said.

  • Emanî El-Xerbî: "The killers of Hevrîn and Deniz may have a connection with each other" 

    Future Syria Party Spokesperson Emanî Ehmed El-Xerbî pointed out that those who killed Hevrin Khalaf, the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, and Deniz Poyraz may have a connection with each other, “As media outlets reported, he was arrested without being questioned to cover this connection.”

  • HDP female MPs: HDP is the successor of a deep-rooted tradition focusing on victory 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MPs Dersim Dağ and Feleknaz Uca commented on the acceptance of the indictment seeking the closure of the HDP by the Constitutional Court. “HDP never bows down to fascism, it is the successor of a deep-rooted tradition that has waged glorious struggles and always focused on absolute victory,” Dersim Dağ said. “The decision is political, not legal. We will not bow down to this. Our political works and struggle will always continue,” Feleknas Uca said.

  • Pervin Buldan: They will not destroy our hopes for peace and democracy 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Pervin Buldan criticized Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli, who accused Deniz Poyraz. “They will not make us bow down. They couldn’t destroy our hopes for peace and democracy and they will not,” she said.

  • HDP closure indictment accepted 

    The indictment seeking the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) closure has been accepted by Turkey’s Constitutional Court. HDP Diyarbakır MP Remziye Tosun criticized the decision and said, “Peoples will not allow this.”

  • Speech of warfare consultant on violence against women sparks criticism 

    Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Semra Güzel criticized the Turkish Parliamentary Committee on preventing violence against women to invite Nevzat Tarhan, a consultant on psychological warfare of SADAT.