• Beautiful natural wonder: Abant Lake 

    Abant Lake, which was declared as a natural park in 1988, is surrounded by forests. It offers a resting opportunity to the tourists with its beautiful nature. Citizens who take a walk around the lake and in the forest are trying to get rid of the stress of big cities by enjoying the fresh air.

  • Another hydroelectric power plant to be built on Zorava Stream 

    The second hydroelectric power plant planned to be built in Siirt province will put nature, settlements, people, and animals in the region at risk.

  • “Environmental degradation causes new disasters” 

    Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century, environmental journalist Susan Ebu Seid said,” Everyone has a role in the fight against it.”

  • Decline in Sirwan river flow raises concerns of villagers 

    People living in the villages around Sirwan River say that the decline in Sirwan river flow has affected them. “We are concerned about the decline in water level.”

  • “Purslane should be grown everywhere because it treats many diseases” 

    “Purslane should be grown everywhere because it treats many diseases,” Fehime Ebdulrehmen says.

  • Paris agreement on climate submitted to parliament 

    Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan submitted the Paris Agreement, an international treaty on climate change, to the parliament on Friday. Environmentalists and climate experts have demanded the ratification of the agreement in the country for years.

  • Ruxweş has all kinds of fruits in her awarded garden 

    Ruxweş Salih Arif’s garden was awarded the greenest garden prize in the region. She has many trees such as banana, grape, and fig trees in her garden. She takes care of her garden every day and teaches her children how they should take care of the garden.

  • Gelîyê Godernê Valley at risk of being submerged due to dam project 

    Many historical places in Turkey’s Kurdish region have been submerged due to dam projects. Hasankeyf and Eğil districts are some of the submerged historical places. Now, Gelîyê Godernê Valley is at risk of being submerged due to a dam project.

  • She aims to plant 2 million trees in Dersim 

    Şükran Yılmaz, who has been making a living by selling grapes growing in her village in Dersim for years, also voluntarily travels from village to village to distribute mulberry and walnut tree seeds to women. The aim of Şükran Yılmaz, who encourages women to take part in the production, is to plant two million mulberry and walnut trees in Dersim.

  • Nurcan Karasu: The aim is to depopulate the region with forest fires caused by the military operations 

    HDP Ecology Commission Member Nurcan Karasu drew attention to the forest fires that have systematically broken out in cities such as Dersim, Şırnak, Bingöl, and Hakkari in recent years. “The aim is to evacuate, depopulate the region by launching military operations under the name of security,”

  • 'Security' policies destroy ecology in Kurdish region 

    Forest fires in the Kurdish region of Turkey, particularly in summer, harm animals and trees. The main reason for the forest fires is military operations launched in the region. The fires that started due to the military operations in Dersim and Şırnak haven't been put out for days.

  • Water crisis in Egypt to affect mostly women 

    The water crisis in Egypt is getting worse. Researchers warn that the crisis will affect mostly women of Egypt, where the majority of the population consists of villagers who make their living from agriculture.

  • Lawsuit to be filed against Cengiz Holding's mining project 

    “If the project is implemented, the water sources of the villages in the region will dry up and the agricultural lands will disappear,” said Kazdağları Ecology Platform, which is going to file a lawsuit against Cengiz Holding’s mining project.

  • Open sewers in Idlib spread diseases 

    The limited opportunities in the refugee camps of Idlib cause many diseases; the people now face other diseases due to open sewers in the camps. Women and children getting sick due to the open sewers cannot access health services.

  • Wildfires, criticism in Turkey 

    Turkey is suffering from ongoing wildfires in many areas. While the wildfires are being put out one by one, people criticize political statements rather than a late response to fires. Why and how did the fires start? Why they were not intervened? What were the statements? In this article, we looked for the answers to these questions.

  • Women protect both humanity, ecosystem 

    Activist, journalist and academic Fatima Yassin won an award for her works on the environment in her country, Morocco. Fatima Yassin thinks that all three areas she actively works in are connected and support each other. If she becomes the environment minister one day, she plans to make women more active and employed in environmental areas.

  • Cooperative in Gaza against environmental pollution: They use waste materials in sea for decoration 

    There is great interest in Hana Al Ghoul's place named “Sea Cooperative Initiative”, which draws attention to environmental pollution in Gaza, located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. All tables, chairs, flower pots of the place, which also has a reading room, are made of waste material found in the sea.

  • Kune Masî stream in Sulaymaniyah dries up 

    Kune Masî stream in Sulaymaniyah has dried up due to drought in the region. In summer the stream is a picnic area for the local people but the people visiting the area these days are shocked when they see the dried up stream.

  • “As our forests disappear, our future will disappear” 

    Forest fires in Turkey in summer damage nature. The local people are not allowed to put out fires by security forces. Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Ecology Commission Co-Spokesperson Menekşe Kızıldere pointed out that as our forests disappear, our future will disappear, “The loss of a bird, a turtle is not just a loss of life, it is a great loss. All lives are precious. They have the right to exist,” she said.

  • 4th International Istanbul VegFest ends 

    4th International Istanbul VegFest was held with the motto, “Give Life a Chance”. The festival is one of the many events that are organized globally under different names in order to create awareness about veganism.