• Iran: Children collect wastepaper to rebuild their school 

    440 children in Iranian Talesh city launched a campaign to draw attention to environmental awareness. They collected nearly 200 tons of waste paper to rebuild their school. The children shared the photographs of their renewed school on their social media accounts.

  • Diwêriya collecting licorice roots: I'm a strong woman working tirelessly 

    50-year-old Diwêriya Xidir has made a living by collecting licorice roots, which is considered one of the world's oldest herbal remedies, growing along the Habur Riverbank. “I have to work. I have to move. I don’t feel alive when I don’t work or move. I’m a strong woman working tirelessly,” said Diwêriya, who keeps collecting the roots despite her age.

  • “My garden is my life”, says Saliha who works in Hevsel Gardens 

    With the coming of spring, Hevsel Gardens have been greening. Saliha Kaya has cultivated her land for 40 years in the Hevsel Gardens. “My garden is my life,” says Saliha, making a living by cultivating her land.

  • “Violence against animals should be included in Criminal Code” 

    HAYTAP Ankara Representative Pelin Sayılgan stated that the legislation is insufficient for violent crimes against animals and that an Animal Rights Law should be enacted as soon as possible. “There is no draft law prepared yet. Only a research commission was founded, and this commission has summited several recommendations. The Animal Protection Law No. 5199 is far from protecting animals. We have been fighting for a law amendment summited to the Parliament for 16 and it should be passed immediately and violence against animals should be included in the scope of the Penal Code,” said Pelin.

  • Historical walls trying to survive 

    Amed’s walls have been damaged because of the lack of care and the earthquake that hit Elazığ province last year and now the walls are trying to survive. Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects in Amed (Diyarbakır) Co-chair Selma Aslan demands the authorities to take steps to protect the walls.

  • ‘Ambition can destroy people and nature’ 

    “Bilanço” is a short film telling how ambition can destroy people and nature. Hayriye Çam, Begüm Ateş, Lale Kurbanova, and Nejla Özge Alban explain how essential ecology is.

  • Civil initiative for architecture: UrbanTank 

    Tüba Doğu and Melis Varkal are two successful women having architectural education and working on urban sociology. Instead of an architectural understanding stuck in an office, they have formed a civil initiative called "UrbanTank" with the idea of producing tools and conducting researches in order to include the citizens and to allow them to speak out. UrbanTank can be considered as an unusual model in Turkey and around the world. They conduct original researches on the ground along with participants for urban residents, users of public spaces.

  • Women’s freedom and ecology are connected with each other! 

    As the struggle against the climate crisis is connected with gender equality, women resisting all the difficulties of life always resist in nature. As women's struggle for freedom is connected with the struggle for ecology, women stand in resistance on the frontline against all ecological destructions. Women were on the frontline in Bergama and Kaz Mountains.