“Women should strengthen their struggle against the occupation”

The Consultative Meeting of the Kurdish Women in Rojava ended with a call for strengthening women’s struggle to build women’s unity in Rojava.


Qamishlo- The Consultative Meeting of the Kurdish Women in Rojava was held on May 15 with the motto, “To Unite Stances of the Kurdish Women Against Occupation” to discuss the recent political developments in Rojava and across Kurdistan and the role and stances of women against the attacks aiming to occupy the Kurdish regions.  The NuJINHA team spoke to several women participating in the meeting.

Deliberate threats

Lawyer Aynur Paşa said that the plans being implemented in the Kurdish regions are shameful and that these war plans have been implemented due to the silence of the international community. Noting that women should wage a strong struggle in all spheres of life, she said, “They should strengthen their struggle even more against the occupation. We can fail all genocidal policies against the Kurds by protecting the Kurdish values. All threats against Kurdish regions are deliberate threats.”

“Turkey wants to destroy the existence of Kurdistan”

Stating that women’s resistance in Rojava becomes a role model for women all around the world, Aynur Paşa said, “We have been changing existing dominant policies. Waging a strong struggle against the occupation at the national level is the duty of all Kurds. Our main duty is to protect the struggle of women and the values of all Kurds. Today, the Turkish state attacks our identity and wants to destroy the existence of Kurdistan. Women take responsibility for resolution and have a strong will in their struggle.”

“Our unity ensures our freedom”

Sema Bekdaş, Spokesperson of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), pointed out the importance of unity of the Kurdish people and said, “Our common view is that the world has been changing and we, as Kurds, need to take our place in these changes. If the Kurds stand in solidarity with each other, the enemy will fail. Our unity ensures our freedom. We criticize the policies of some Kurdish parties because the Kurds are subjected to genocidal attacks.”

“Women will be the guarantors of the Kurdish cause”

“If we do not practice the right strategy, we will fail and lose the values of our people,” Sema Bekdaş said, adding, “Now history is being rewritten. Either we will participate in this process with our own free will or we will become slaves again. We call on women to stand with the people. Women will be the guarantors of the Kurdish cause.”