Ferîde Şengalî: Each Yazidi should vote for their own will

The elections for provincial councils will be held in Iraq on December 18. “Each Yazidi should vote for their own will,” said TAJÊ member Ferîde Şengalî.


Shengal (Sinjar)- Iraq will hold the elections for provincial councils on December 18, 2023. The Alliance of the People of Nineveh was formed by the Self-governing Local Administration in Shengal, the Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party (PADÊ), the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan PUK and the National Al-Rifa Party to contest in the elections. PADÊ carries out an election campaign in Shengal led by women.

NuJINHA spoke to Ferîde Şengalî, member of the Yazidi Free Women's Movement (Kurdish: Tevgera Azadiya Jinên Êzîdî-TAJÊ) about the election campaign in Shengal.

 ‘Yazidis should vote for themselves’

Wishing a happy Feast of Êzî, which takes place on the first Friday of December every year, Ferîde Şengalî said, “These elections are very important for our people. For this reason, all Yazidis should cast their votes on December 18. They should vote for themselves; we should vote by remembering our abducted women and girls and all our martyrs. The party that represents our political will is PADÊ. We should vote for our party to frustrate the policy of the KDP for Shengal. Everyone knows that the KDP caused the genocide committed against us, the abduction of 7,000 women and girls and the brutal killing of our people and children.”

‘The alliance gives great hope’

Pointing to the alliance of the political parties in Shengal, she said, “The alliance formed by organizations and political parties in Shengal is a great and historical success for our people. This alliance is the Alliance of the People of Nineveh. They will contest the elections for provincial councils on December 18. As Yazidi women, we think this alliance is important to have a free and equal future. This alliance aims to build a democratic system. This alliance give great hope for the people to live in peace in Shengal.”

‘Our people should vote for themselves, not for their enemies’

Feride Şengali said that KDP has been betraying the people of Shengal. “The KDP ruled Shengal from 2003 to 2014. It has always carried out dirty policies against the Yazidi people. It paved the way for the genocide committed against us. The Yazidi people should vote by remembering the betrayal of the KDP. They should remember the agreement signed by the Turkish state, KDP, and the Iraqi government on October 9, 2020. Our people should vote for themselves, not for their enemies.”

Ferîde Şengalî called on all Yazidis, especially Yazidi women, to “vote for the future of Yazidi children, the future of Yazidi women and girls, and the women who were abducted by ISIS. We will rebuild Shengal and govern ourselves.”