• Man arrested for causing death of Aleyna 

    Gökhan Argın, who is accused of causing the death of 18-year-old Aleyna Ağgül after raped her in Iğdır province, has been sent to prison. Aleyna Ağgül left a note and blamed Gökhan Argın and his son Göktürk Argın for her death.

  • Gurbet Fida subjected to violence for days before being killed! 

    According to the preliminary autopsy done on the body of Gurbet Fida, who was killed by Ali Fida in the Lice district of Amed (Diyarbakır) province, there were bruises and wounds on her body. The lawyers pointed out that there are findings revealing that Gurbet Fida was subjected to violence before being killed. “The case should be investigated in detail to identify those involved in this crime.”

  • Yemeni activists: Women are being isolated from the world 

    The Houthis ban Yemeni women from holding meetings, driving, wearing colored clothes, using mobile phones, and making up. Human rights advocates react to bans on women, “They want to isolate women from the world.”

  • 70-year-old Peace Mother Şükriye Kızıldağ detained 

    At least 16 people, including 70-year-old Peace Mother Şükriye Kızıldağ, have been taken into custody in the house raids conducted in Izmir and Manisa provinces.

  • Yemeni model Intisar al-Hammadi appears in hearing 

    11th hearing of the trial opened against Yemeni model Intisar Al Hammadi and her two colleagues, Yasmine and Yusra Al-Mokadam, who have been held in Sanaa prison since last February, was held by the Court of First Instance of the Houthis. Their lawyers demanded the criminal charges against their clients be dropped.

  • Criminal complaint against Farah Zeynep Abdullah 

    A criminal complaint has been reportedly filed against actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah for supporting actress Ezgi Mola, who was fined for insulting Musa Orhan, who caused İpek Er's death.

  • Journalists Ayşe Kara and Ruken Demir appear in court 

    Journalists Ayşe Kara and Ruken Demir appeared in court today. Ayşe Kara faces up to 15 years in prison while the hearing of the trial against journalist Ruken Demir has been adjourned.

  • For first time Turkish Constitutional Court finds state fault in femicide case 

    The Turkish Constitutional Court has ruled that public officials should stand trial over their negligence to take protective measures to prevent the murder of Serpil Erfındık, who was killed by her ex-husband.

  • “Aysel Tuğluk should be immediately released from prison” 

    Lawyer Reyhan Yalçındağ Baydemir called for the immediate release of Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk, who has had serious health problems in prison for a year. Reyhan Yalçındağ Baydemir stated that if something happens to Aysel Tuğluk in prison, the Council of Forensic Medicine in Istanbul will be responsible for preparing a health report reading, “She can stay in prison”. Stating that they objected to the report, Reyhan Yalçındağ Baydemir also reported that they will take all legal actions.

  • 12 years pass: No one stand trial for killing 12-year-old Ceylan Önkol 

    12 years ago, 12-year-old Ceylan Önkol was killed by a howitzer fired by the Turkish army while she was pasturing sheep. Even if 12 years have passed, no one has stood trial for killing her. Lawyer Derya Yıldırım stated that the investigation launched into the incident resulted in non-prosecution despite all evidence. “The policy of impunity will cause new violations,” she said.

  • Disciplinary investigation launched against Ayşe Gökkan 

    A disciplinary investigation has been launched against TJA Term Spokesperson Ayşe Gökkan by the administration of Diyarbakır Women’s Closed Prison for writing a petition to the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the problems she has faced in the prison.

  • Tortured women: Human rights organizations should see what is going on here 

    Women living in Serêkaniyê cannot leave their homes; if they leave, they go missing or people cannot recognize them due to torture they face when they return their homes. Many women of Serêkaniyê report that they were taken into custody by Turkey-backed forces and they were subjected to physical and psychological torture in custody. “International human rights organizations should see what is going on here.”

  • Hearing of journalists Sadiye Eser and Sadık Topaloğlu adjourned 

    The hearing of the trial opened against journalist Sadiye Eser and MA reporter Sadık Topaloğlu was held today. The hearing has been adjourned to November 18.

  • Algerian women demand laws ensuring equality be implemented 

    In Algeria, women demand their rights ensured by laws be implemented. Lawyer Aisha Zammit highlights that women need changes in laws to ensure gender equality.

  • No news from detained RJAK member for 45 days 

    KDP detained three members of RJAK on August 5. While two of three women were released by the KDP after being held in custody for 33 days, no news has been received from Ciwana Abdulbaqî for 45 days.

  • Prosecution demands arrest of Musa Orhan, court rejects 

    A prosecution demanded the arrest of Musa Orhan, a former specialized sergeant who drove İpek Er suicide by raping her, but the court rejected the demand.

  • Child killed by armored vehicle, his father found to be “primary negligent party” 

    Five-year-old Efe Tektekin was hit and killed by an armored vehicle belonging to the police in 2019. After an investigation on the scene, Efe’s father Ahmet Tektekin has been found to be the “primary negligent party” for not protecting his son.

  • Attack on Ayşe Gökhan’s lawyers 

    22nd hearing of the trial opened against Ayşe Gökhan is being held by Diyarbakır 9th High Criminal Court. During the hearing, the chief judge ordered police to remove Ayşe Gökhan’s lawyers from the hearing room. Police officers attacked the lawyers and forcibly removed them from the hearing room.

  • Laws protect men not women in Palestine 

    In Palestine, divorced women are prevented from seeing their children. In addition, women are not given their personal belongings when they get divorced. M.A. is one of these divorced women. She wants to see her children once a week; however, she isn’t allowed to see them. Aya Al-Mughrabi, the legal advisor to the Press House Foundation in Gaza, drew attention to problems faced by women, “Laws should be changed to meet today’s requirements.”

  • KDP releases 2 RJAK members 

    Two of three RJAK members, who were detained by the KDP forces in Erbil, have been released.