• 2 women journalists acquitted of charges against them 

    The Antalya 7th Criminal Court of First Instance has ruled the acquittal of 15 people, including journalists Eylem Sonbahar and Sema Karakurt, who stood trial on charges of “obstructing public duty” and “insulting” public officials at anti-G20 protests in 2015.

  • “The circle of prosecutor, hospital, and ATK condemns prisoners to death” 

    Stating that the deaths of sick prisoners, which are increasing day by day in Turkey’s prisons, cause deep wounds in the conscience of the public, Seda Zengin, a lawyer of the Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD), pointed out that the sick prisoners are held in prison until their last day. “The circle of prosecutor, hospital, and ATK condemns prisoners to death,” she said and called on the Ministry of Justice to do its duty.

  • Fatima Maghnaoui: Anti-violence laws should be improved in Morocco 

    Violence against women is increasing in Morocco. Many women’s organizations and groups continue to carry out activities to support the victims of violence. “Morocco must fully comply with all international conventions ratified by it and improve its law protecting women from violence,” Fatima Maghnaoui, head of the Annajda office of the Union of Women's Action (UAF), told JINHA.

  • Arbitrary arrests of women in Federal Kurdistan Region 

    In the Federal Kurdistan Region, women have been facing arbitrary arrests to be silenced.

  • Violence against children increases in Yemen 

    Father killed his three-year-old son named Osman to punish his wife. Human rights activists draw attention to the fact that children are subjected to violence to discipline due to the gap in Yemeni law.

  • Peace Mothers to apply to constitutional court against police violence 

    Peace Mothers and the relatives of prisoners, who held a sit-in protest to support the hunger strikes that started in prisons in November 2018 and ended in May 2019, were battered and insulted by police many times. The mothers, who had been subjected to police violence, filed a criminal complaint against police officers. While the Governor's Office didn’t allow an investigation to be opened on the ground that the police violence against the mothers “did not constitute a criminal offense”, the mothers’ lawyers applied to the Court of Appeal but the court ruled the same thing. The lawyers will apply to the Constitutional Court.

  • Alarming rise in cases of FGM in Egypt 

    Egyptian women activists warn against the alarming rise in the cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the country. “The policy of immunity causes more women to undergo this practice.”

  • New indictment prepared against Leyla Güven 

    The and hearing of the trial against Leyla Güven, the co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) who has been held in the Elazığ Women’s Closed Prison, on the charge of terror propaganda was held today. During the hearing, Leyla Güven learned that another indictment has been prepared against her. The next hearing will be held on April 11.

  • Journalist Nurcan Yalçın detained 

    Journalist Nurcan Yalçın has been detained.

  • Peace Mother Şükran Akboğa suffering from stroke taken into custody 

    Şükran Akboğa, a member of Diyarbakır Peace Mothers Council, has been taken into custody after the police raid on her house. She has reportedly suffered from a stroke for days.

  • The 15-day quarantine turns into torture for sick prisoners! 

    For two years, prisoners are kept in the 15-day quarantine when they are transferred back from hospitals to prisons. This practice has turned into torture for sick prisoners because they are kept in single cells alone for 15 or 20 days and they cannot meet their basic needs. The relatives of sick prisoners demand the quarantine period be arranged in a way that does not affect the sick prisoners.

  • Intisar al-Saeed: We need a unified law to combat violence against women 

    Cairo Foundation for Development and Law has launched many awareness-raising campaigns to support Egyptian women. The aim of the foundation is to eliminate gender-based violence. “Although we faced many y challenges in carrying out our activities in 2021, we will work harder this year to support women,” Intisar al-Saeed, the director of the Cairo Foundation for Development and Law, told NuJINHA.

  • Investigation launched into suspicious death of Ayşe Tayurak closed 

    The investigation launched into the suspicious death of Ayşe Tayurak in Silvan was closed. The prosecutor decided not to prosecute the suspicious death of Ayşe Tayurak because Adem Tayurak's weight and physical characteristics showed that he couldn’t kill Ayşe Tayurak. In the decision, the prosecutor ignored the 25 years of systematic violence against Ayşe Tayurak by Adem Tayurak.

  • Nafusa Hasso: No reason can justify femicide 

    We spoke to lawyer Nafusa Hasso, also a member of the Women’s Justice Council, about gender-based violence, femicide, and the pressure on women in the name of tradition in NE Syria. Pointing out that no reason can justify femicide and violence against women, Nafusa Hasso emphasized that perpetrators should not go unpunished.

  • Basma Soussi: Women with disabilities live under difficult conditions in Tunisia 

    Basma Soussi, feminist activist and vice-president of the Ibsar Association for the Culture and Leisure of blind and visually handicapped people, stated that women with disabilities in Tunisia face problems both in working life and in social life, “Women's movements must work coordinately for women's rights. Women with disabilities should be supported more particularly in the countries suffering from war-conflicts,” she said.

  • “The attack was not intentionally but planned” 

    Seven months ago, Nurcan Kaplan, who applied for protective order 12 times against her husband, and her mother Nezire Demir were attacked by her husband, Tarık Kaplan, with a gun. Lawyer Zelal Erdemci told us that an indictment has been prepared against the perpetrator, who went to kill two women, for “deliberately” killing and injuring women not for “by planning”.

  • Laws written by women in NE Syria 

    Stating that women’s rights are not guaranteed in the Syrian constitutions and women are ignored in Syria, Ster Qasim, member of the North and East Syrian Women's Council Coordination, said that women in Northern and Eastern Syria have been writing the laws that concern them.

  • “Prisoners get out of prison in coffins, not with hope” 

    The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (HRFT) Istanbul representative Ümit Efe spoke to NuJINHA about the conditions of prisoners and she said, “2021 was a year when allegations of violence, torture, ill-treatment, and harassment in prisons were intense.”

  • Judge asks mother: Why did you attend your daughter’s commemoration ceremony? 

    Peace Mother Hadle Oğur was arrested while attending her daughter’s commemoration ceremony. At the hearing of the trial against her, the judge asked her, “Why did you attend your daughter’s commemoration ceremony?” She has faced three years and 15 days prison sentence for attending her daughter’s commemoration ceremony.

  • “Don’t leave journalist Hala Fouad Badawi alone” 

    Yemeni journalist and media activist Hala Fouad Badawi has been arrested over her reports and social media posts. Lawyer and a human rights defender Afraa Al-hariri told NuJINHA that the rights of Hala Fouad Badawi have been violated since she was arrested.