art and culture

  • “Theatre which has a significant impact on psychology should be given importance" 

    Theater players criticizing the Kurdistan regional government for not giving the necessary importance to culture and art drew attention to the significant impact of art on human psychology and said that the theatre should be given importance.

  • Children celebrate Newroz in Tell Tamer, Aleppo 

    Children gathered in Tell Tamer and Aleppo, NE Syria, to celebrate Newroz. Children had an enjoyable day at the celebrations organized by the Hilala Zêrin Movement.

  • She teaches culture of Dengbej to her grandchildren 

    Besna Hazer, who maintains the culture of Dengbej with the songs she learned from her mother, says the songs she signs in her mother language have become a source of patience for her.

  • Afghan graffiti artist paints: School Girl 

    Afghan graffiti artist Shamsia Hassani painted a painting called “School Girl” to react to the Taliban's order to shut down secondary schools for girls.

  • Call from Wehida Xelil for Afrin: Protect your will 

    Wehida Xelil, a woman from Afrin living in the Shahba Canton, called on women to “Protect their will”.

  • Afghan filmmaker becomes jury member of 2022 Fribourg Film Festival 

    Afghan filmmaker Sahra Mani is a member of the jury at the 2022 Fribourg International Film Festival.

  • Iranian puppeteer Mehrnoosh Shariati dies 

    Artist Mehrnoosh Shariati, who made great contributions to cinema and puppetry in Iran, passed away.

  • 11 women win awards at poetry, writing contest in Algeria 

    A poetry and writing contest in the Arabic and Amazigh languages was held in the city of Ghardaïa, southern Algeria, on March 20. 11 women won awards at the contest.

  • Cultural program addressing women's issues and rights in Algeria: “No means No!” 

    “No means No!”, a cultural program started on March 15 by Algerian Ministry of Culture and Art, Algerian Center of Cinematography (Centre Algerien de la Cinematographie) to address women’s issues and rights, continues.

  • Kurdish National Clothing Day celebrated in Said Sadiq 

    An event was held at Eshkal School located in Said Sadiq, a city in the Sulaymaniyah Governorate, in the Kurdistan Region, to celebrate Kurdish National Clothing Day, March 10. The students wearing their national clothes also participated in the event.

  • Film series about women survivors of Houthi prisons 

    Women's Coalition for Peace in Yemen has shot a film series about the oppression and rights violations faced by women held in Houthi prisons. The first part of the films released on the coalition’s YouTube will also be screened in the Netherlands, Egypt,

  • Sarvasha dreams of singing freely 

    Music has no language, religion, nationality, race, or creed but if you are a woman living in Iran, you cannot take to stage to sing. “I feel alive when I sing,” Sarvasha M., a woman singer in Iran, said.

  • Women wait excitedly for March 8 

    Members of the Hilala Zêrin Cultural Movement in Aleppo have already begun their preparations for International Women’s Day. “We have started our rehearsals for March 8. We have worked for hours to be ready on March 8. As International Women’s Day approaches, our excitement grows.”

  • Shengal musical group composes song for Women's Day 

    As International Women’s Day approaches, a musical group named “Hêviya Jinên Şengalê- Hope for women of Shengal) composes a song titled, “Ew YŞJ ne (they are YŞJ)” to sing on March 8, International Women’s Day.

  • Women’s preparation for IWD in Maxmur 

    Women living in the Maxmur (Makhmur) refugee camp have been making preparation for International Women’s Day, on March 8. Martyr Delila Musical Group is one of the musical groups that make preparation for the celebrations with great enthusiasm. The group members will take to the stage with three songs during the celebrations to be held on March 8.

  • Mosaic art kept alive in Idlib by women 

    Women have played an important role in preserving cultures since the beginning. In Idlib, mosaic art has been kept alive by women, who love art and have artistic sensibility. This art decorates the houses in Idlib with natural and creative colors.

  • Hîlala Zêrîn opened in Aleppo for women, children 

    Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Center was opened in Aleppo last month. The door of the center run by women is open for women and children. “In order to preserve our culture, we invite every mother to love Kurdish culture with their children. We will keep our culture alive with Hilala Zêrîn,” Axin Ardil, a member of the Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Center, said.

  • “The songs I sing are my return story to self” 

    Singer Derya Cengiz, who reinforces her longing for her mother language and culture with music, shot a music video for a Kirmanckî /Zazakî (a dialect of the Kurdish language) song. She describes her musical journey as her return story “to self”.

  • Women's Literary Salon reopens in Libya 

    Women’s literary salons are places where women came together to talk about literature, read poems, tell old stories and hold forums. Libyan poet Hanan Mahfouz opens a women’s literary salon in Libya again.

  • “Çima Şer” exhibition held in Sulaymaniyah 

    The "Çima Şer" (Why War) exhibition, in which the war is told through different branches of art, has been opened in Sulaymaniyah with great interest.