Saz&Ayaz Group calls for preservation of Kurdish culture

Saz and Ayaz Group founded in Qamishlo in 2018 carries out activities to preserve Kurdish art and culture.


Qamishlo- Saz and Ayaz Group has held courses to preserve and promote Kurdish art and culture since it was established in Qamishlo in 2018. In an interview with NuJINHA Nûpelda Hisên, Spokesperson of the group, said that they had established the group to revive Kurdish art and culture.

 ‘We concentrated on our artistic works’

Speaking about the challenges faced by them, she said, “As group members, we attended arts and cultural activities when we were children; however, our families did not want us to participate in such activities because they thought that we would be good at school. But we concentrated both on our artistic works and our education.”

‘Their support paved our way’

The group consists of six young women and six young men aiming to preserve Kurdish art and culture. “Then, my family began to support me and their support paved our way for us to carry out more activities.”

Music courses

The group provides courses to children and young women so that they learn how to play a variety of musical instruments such as baglama, guitar and erbane. “We have participated in many festivals and activities to promote and preserve Kurdish art and culture,” said Nûpelda Hisên, adding:

“We provide courses to children and young women so that they learn how to play many musical instruments. Some of our songs are composed by Ridvan Dêrik and some by Bavê Ferhat. I call on young women to participate in cultural activities. As Kurdish women, we should learn and preserve our art and culture.”