Young woman in Qamishlo preserves Kurdish culture through art

Evîn Mihemed is a young Kurdish woman in Qamishlo. She plays guitar and bağlama and signs Kurdish songs to preserve Kurdish culture.


Qamishlo- 19-year-old Evîn Mihemed lives in the city of Qamishlo, northeastern Syria. Her journey in art started when she was 12. She learned to play many musical instruments when she was a child.

“Art is very precious to me, I love art so much. My family always supports me in realizing my dreams,” Evîn Mihemed told NuJINHA.

Evîn Mihemed wants to support children to participate in arts activities. “I have already started writing a music book for children. I dream of opening a music school for children in the future. One of my childhood dreams is to educate children. In addition, I want to change the view of society towards art. Sometimes, people cannot express their feelings such as sadness, love and happiness, but they can express their feelings through art and stories.”

Call for preserving Kurdish culture

Evîn Mihemed mostly listens to the songs and poems of Mihemed Şêxo, a Kurdish folk singer. “I usually sing the songs of Mihemed Şêxo. We should not forget our singers from the past because they are our teachers. As the new generation of our society, we preserve our culture and art. I play bağlama and violin now but I want to play more musical instruments in the future. Every young woman should preserve Kurdish culture, art and music.”