Women’s participation in decision-making positions can prevent gender-based violence’

Researcher and academic Samia Al Ghussein thinks more women’s participation in decision-making positions can prevent gender-based violence.


Gaza- The presence of Palestinian women in the decision-making positions is very low. Researcher and academic Samia Al Ghussein indicated that the increase in the number of women in decision-making positions would be an important start in solving many problems, especially violence against women. She also emphasized that they need feminist leaders who care for human rights.


Speaking about the reasons for the low levels of women's participation in leadership, she said, “The patriarchal culture in Arab societies gives high status to men while limiting women despite their important role in societies. Women are often prevented from becoming influential leaders in society, such as judges or prosecutors because the patriarchal mentality does not trust, claiming that women can make emotional decisions because of their roles as mothers. However, women are more analytical in solving problems.”

‘Women have obtained many rights but…’


Speaking about women’s rights, she said, “Women have actually obtained many rights, but these rights are not enforced by laws or society. Women are capable of doing many jobs, but women are not given a job because they are not trusted.”

‘Women must believe in themselves’

Emphasizing the challenges faced by a woman judge in the Gaza Strip, Samia Al Ghussein said, “A woman judge cannot be a member of the Legislative Council, and even she cannot decide who she marries. Working women face many challenges at the workplace. Women should believe in themselves and participate in the labor force.”