‘The resistance of our people will destroy Erdoğan’s dream of invasion’

Pointing out that the Turkish state attacks North and East Syria to expand its invasion area, Zalal Jagar said, “We will not allow Erdoğan to realize his dream.”


Shahba- The invading Turkish state continues to carry out attacks on North and East Syria to invade it. The Turkish state launched airstrikes on the region on November 19 and targeted infrastructure of the region. Zalal Jagar, member of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), spoke to NuJINHA about the Turkish attacks and the silence against the attacks.

‘The Turkish state tries not to collapse by using its military forces’

Pointing to the political turmoil that the Turkish state suffers from, Zalal Jagar said, “Turkey suffers from an internal crisis. Its economy has already collapsed and no one believes in its politics. For this reason, it tries not to collapse by using its military forces. The reason why it attacks North and East Syria is this. It ends itself by attacking Başûrê Kurdistan and fighters for freedom. The Turkish state tries to take advantage of Russia's weakness in the war against Ukraine, as well as its close relationship with the United States. This allows Erdoğan to stay in power longer. The people of Turkey must raise their voices against the practices of Erdoğan.”

‘Infrastructure is targeted’

Speaking about the ongoing Turkish attacks on NE Syria, she said, “In its attacks, the Turkish state targets NE Syrian infrastructure, health centers, schools, grain silos and electric power-plants. Dozens of civilians have been killed in the attacks until now. Our military forces such as SDF, YPG-YPJ and HRE haven’t even carried out an attack against the Turkish state until now. On the contrary, the Turkish state attacks us. It has occupied many areas such as Afrin, Idlib, Bab, Ezaz, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Our people try to liberate the areas occupied by the Turkish state.”

‘It tries to allow ISIS members to escape’

Pointing out that the Turkish state has been using prohibited weapons in the region, Zalal Jagar said, “The Turkish state used chemical weapons against the fighters for freedom. According to the reports we received, the Turkish state has recently used phosphorus, prohibited by international law, on the border of Afrin. The aim of the Turkish state is to suffocate the people and destroy the nature of the region. Thousands of ISIS members are kept in the prison in Xweran. All countries must repatriate their citizens. However, no step has been taken to repatriate them yet. The Turkish state targets al-Hol camp every day. Because it tries to allow ISIS members to escape. This is the plan of the Turkish state. Erdoğan may use ISIS against Russia and the US in the future.”

‘The people respond to the attacks’

Adding that the people are ready to respond to the Turkish attacks, Zalal Jagar said, “The people of NE Syria have taken a firm stance against attacks since the Turkish state launched its airstrikes. Dozens of civilians were martyred in the attacks of the Turkish state. People have taken to the streets across NE Syria to condemn the Turkish attacks. The people respond to the attacks.”

‘We will resist attacks’

Mentioning that stance of Russia and the US against the Turkish attacks, Zalal Jagar condemned the silence of Russia and the US against the attacks. “Russia and the US just issue statements and this shows us that they gave their permission to the Turkish state to attack our region. Russia remains silent although the areas where the Russian forces are placed are being bombed. These three countries have a deal. The international community also remains silent against the attacks on our region. This shows us that there is an international conspiracy. Erdoğan wants to invade Shahba to enter Aleppo. We will resist attacks to protect our region. We will not allow Erdoğan to realize his dream. The attacks are against all people living in the region. All people stand by their fighters.”