Sara Reza calls for unity against Turkish attacks

Reacting to the Turkish attack on the Sulaymaniyah airport, Sara Reza, member of the Kurdistan Community Freedom Movement, calls on Kurds to unite.


 Sulaymaniyah- The Turkish state launched a drone attack on Sulaymaniyah airport in Iraqi Kurdistan on April 7. Sara Reza, member of the Kurdistan Community Freedom Movement (Kurdish: Tevgera Azadî ya Civaka Kurdistanê) spoke to NuJINHA about the attack on the airport.

Noting that the Turkish state has launched attacks on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for several years with the support of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Sara Reza said, “The aim of the Turkish state is to annihilate Kurds. The Turkish state has been trying to annihilate the Kurdish people for 100 years. It carries out its attacks on the Kurdistan Region in cooperation with the KDP. We call on the Iraqi government to protect its territories and the sovereignty of Kurdistan. All Kurdish groups must join hands to ensure national unity. The national unity of the Kurds scares the Turkish state and all enemies of the Kurdish people.”

‘Especially women should react to the Turkish attacks’

Condemning the Turkish attack on Sulaymaniyah airport, Sara Reza said, “Sulaymaniyah is a city leading in national affairs. That’s why it was attacked. All political parties, politicians and workers, especially women, should react to the Turkish attacks. The AKP has intensified its attacks because the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne is approaching. All Kurds must unite against its policies based on war. If political parties in the Kurdistan Region had taken a firm stance since 1991, the Turkish state and Iran could not attack our region today.”