Rîhan Loqo: The process requires unity

Commenting on the meeting between Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and the authorities of the Kurdistan Region, Rîhan Loqo said, “The current process requires unity. The Kurdish people must react to the betrayal of the KDP.”


Qamishlo- Turkey’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan paid an official visit to Baghdad on 22 August. He met the Iraqi government and the authorities of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In an interview with NuJINHA, Kongra Star Spokesperson Rîhan Loqo commented on the visit of Hakan Fidan.

‘The Kurdish people have been writing a new history in the Middle East’

In her speech, Rîhan Loqo emphasized that the Kurdish people had a deep-rooted history in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. “The Kurdish people have been writing a new history in the Middle East. Throughout history, the Kurdish people have been struggling to protect their identity, existence, language and Kurdistan,” she said.


She added, “Protecting their own existence, the Kurdish people have kept struggling against the conspiracies of sovereign powers and they have proved themselves to the whole world. During the 11-year revolution in North and East Syria, everyone in society struggled for freedom and democracy. During the revolution, women have formed their unity and become stronger. For this reason, they have become the target of the attacks. The Turkish occupying state has been attacking the democratic system and women’s identity in North and East Syria by using the modern weapons it bought from NATO.”

‘More women’s movements unite’

Rîhan Loqo said that the attacks of the hegemonic powers increase as they move towards democratic confederalism. “Every revolutionary process becomes a voice in Kurdistan, and more women's organizations and movements unite and work together. Very valuable and important efforts have been made to form the unity of women.”

In her speech, Rîhan Loqo indicated that as women have been moving towards the construction of democratic confederalism in the 21st century, the attacks of the Turkish occupying state and its allies have intensified. “As Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria have held meetings in Astana, the women leading the revolution have been targeted and killed. Many pioneering women such as Zehra Berkel, Emîne Ana, Hebûn, Yûsra Dewrîş and Leyman Şiwêş were targeted and killed. When a Turkish drone targeted the vehicle of JIN TV, Turkey’s Foreign Minister was holding a meeting with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil.”

‘Barzani meets with the enemy at his home’

Speaking about the visit of Hakan Fidan to the Kurdistan Region, Rîhan Loqo said:

“It is not time to welcome the enemy of our people, the current process requires unity. Barzani meets the enemy at his home and joins hands. At a time when meetings are held against the Kurds, the Turkish occupying state targets the voices of the truth, women journalists, who support the revolution. Barzani cooperates with the Turkish state and attacks the media and self-defense areas of Kurdistan in North and East Syria. Journalists, politicians, lawmakers, writers, intellectuals and leaders continue to be subjected to attacks.”

‘Women, intellectuals and writers must break their silence’

 Rîhan Loqo called on the women of the Kurdistan Region to take a stand against the cooperation between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Turkish state. “The Kurdish people must react to the betrayal of the KDP and its cooperation with the occupying forces. Women, intellectuals and writers of Southern Kurdistan must take a strong stand and break their silence. The women of Southern Kurdistan should show their free will against the war policies. The existence and identity of women are targeted in the current attacks. Women must raise their voices and defend their lands against the conspiratorial forces.”

‘The international silence against the attacks shows their cooperation’

Rîhan Loqo thinks the recent Turkish airstrikes on North and East Syria and the media defense areas are a part of the plan of NATO. Russia, all the hegemonic powers, the United States, Iran, Turkey and NATO are behind the attacks. The İnternational silence against the attacks shows their cooperation. The US should stop betraying the people and women of this region. It is not time for acting according to its own interests; it is time for ensuring justice and equality.”

Pointing to the philosophy of “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi (Women, Life, Freedom)”, she said, “The unity of women’s movements and organizations has a great impact on the future of women. Women's solidarity in Kurdistan and the Middle East spread fear into the hearts of the enemy. Women held a women’s conference in Beirut and women have carried out activities and conferences in Southern Kurdistan. These activities and conferences show how the philosophy of ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ spreads. We will now allow the enemy to realize its dreams. We will make more efforts to build a peaceful and equal life in Kurdistan.”