Îlham Metlî: We will exist again with the Social Contract

Îlham Metlî, a member of the Syriac Women's Union, states that they will exist again with the Social Contract of the Autonomous Administration, “We want to revive and get what we have lost for thousands of years.”


Hasakah- Many activities have been carried out in northeastern Syria for the development of a social contract for a while. Meetings, workshops and seminars have been held in the region in order to discuss the contract since it will determine the management style and system of the region, its internal and external relations. The Social Contract defines and protects the equal rights of individuals in the region. NuJINHA spoke to Îlham Metlî, a member of the Syriac Women's Union, about the social contract.

Threats are against all peoples living in the region

Indicating that every step being taken in northeastern Syria increases the attacks and anger of Turkey and its allies, Îlham Metlî said, “The peoples from different ethnic and religious groups have strengthened their unity and organized themselves under the umbrella of the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria. After the revolution, the Autonomous Administration began to prepare the draft for the Social Contract upon the request of the people of the region. This contract will be a historic and successful step for the future of the Syrian people, as it was written by taking the views of all peoples and it protects the rights of all peoples. Today, NE Syria faces the threats of the occupying Turkish state once again. The Turkish state wants to block the Social Contract with its attacks and threats. These threats are against all people living in the region and aim to annihilate them.”

“The presence of women is important”

Speaking about Syriac women’s role in the drafting of the Social Contract, Îlham Metlî said, “Syriac women have played an important role in the drafting committee for Social Contract since its formation and in protecting women’s rights. The role and presence of women in drafting the Social Contract are important. This contract is an important step for building a multicolored Syria. The views of women taking part in drafting the contract will be an important step in the foundations of free co-life.”

“The Autonomous Administration should be recognized”

Emphasizing that the Social Contract respectfully embraces and protects the sacred values of all peoples, Îlham Metnî said, “One of the aims of the Social Contract is to protect the values of all peoples. Through the Social Contract, we want to revive and get what we have lost for thousands of years. We will exist again with the Social Contract. We hope that the government in Damascus will recognize the Autonomous Administration for the implementation of the Social Contract across Syria. If it recognizes the Autonomous Administration, the occupants will be defeated. The Turkish state's threats to the region will be eliminated. Ignoring the Autonomous Administration paves the way for occupation and threats.”