“NGOs should take action to combat violence against women in Tunisia”

Stating that the Law No. 58 on the elimination of violence against women has not been implemented, human rights defender Hafiza Choucair said that NGOs should initiate a dialogue with the authorities on this issue.


Tunisia- Tunisian women have been struggling against the patriarchal mentality for years. They keep struggling to obtain their rights and protect their gains despite the pressure on them. NuJINHA spoke to Professor Hafiza Choucair, head of the scientific committee of the Arab Institute for Human Rights, about the Tunisian Law No.58 on the elimination of violence against women. Stating that the law was passed by the parliament in 2017, she said, “The enacting of the law was a ‘revolution’ for us because it aims to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination.” 

“The law has not been implemented”

Stating that the cases of violence against women still increase, she said, “Although the law was passed four years ago, the cases increase every day because the law has not been implemented. There are many obstacles preventing the implementation of the law. One of them is that women do not have any information about their rights guaranteed in the law. Another obstacle is that some decision-makers do not even intend to activate it due to their patriarchal mentality.”

 “We want an equal life”

Emphasizing that NGOs should put pressure on the government for the effective implementation of the law, Hafiza Choucair said that NGOs should initiate a dialogue with the authorities to eliminate violence against women. “There has been a serious regression in women's rights in the country. We have been carrying out a raise-awareness campaign since 2011. Women have become vulnerable to violence in the public sphere. While the constitution was written, women had several demands. One of our demands was equality. We keep working to ensure equality in the country.”