Amal Hajjaj: We have a long way to go to ensure women’s rights and freedom

Every year, the articles of Algerian Family Code are discussed in June. Stating that the current Family Code blocks the women’s struggle, Algerian women note that women's demands should not be ignored anymore


Algeria- The Algerian Family Code enacted on June 9, 1984 was last amended in 2005. Today, Algerian women face many challenges due to the articles of the family code. They suffer from discrimination due to these articles that not protect them. Since the mass protest took place in Algeria on February 22, 2019, the feminist movement in Algeria has tried to shed light on the loopholes in the articles of the family code. However, they have faced the restriction and violation of their most basic rights.

“Stop ignoring women’s demands”

Speaking about women’s rights and the amendment of the family code in Algeria, feminist activist Amal Hajjaj said, “38 years have passed since the Algerian Family Code enacted in 1984. Many things have been changed and women activists have been successful in raising awareness of the public. However, the family code blocks the women’s struggle.” Underlining that the 2005 amendments to the Family Code included some articles but they do not promise tangible results, she called on the official and concerned authorities to stop ignoring the women’s demands. “After many years of struggle for our gains and rights, we haven’t achieved equality yet. We have a long way to go to ensure equality, women’s rights and freedom,” she added.