Karateka Nejbîr dreams of starting studio to teach women how to defend themselves

Nejbîr Saroxan, a karate teacher in Qamishlo, teaches children karate. She dreams of starting a martial art studio to teach women how to defend themselves.


Qamishlo- Karate, one of the most popular martial arts in the world, draws the interest of not only children but also young people, even elders. Every year, many karate championships are organized all around the world. 18-year-old Nejbîr Saroxan, who lives in NE Syria’s Qamishlo city, has been interested in karate since her childhood and now she teaches 41 children karate in the city. Her dream is now to start a martial art studio to teach women how to defend themselves.

She teaches children self-defense techniques

Speaking about her interest in karate, Nejbîr Saroxan told us that many of her family members are interested in karate. “This martial art is my love from my childhood. I have been learning karate in a private studio for six years. I have participated in many karate championships in big cities such as Hasakah and Damascus and won awards. Now, I teach children self-defense techniques to protect themselves from street violence.”

“My dream is to teach women self-defense techniques”

Stating that her dream is to start her own martial art studio to teach women how to defend themselves, she said, “Women are subjected to violence, attacks and harassment every day so they should learn how to defend themselves. If they learn self-defense techniques they can protect themselves.”

Techniques of karate

Giving information about the techniques of karate, she said, “When you learn karate moves, you also learn sensitive parts of the body, the sensitive parts of the attackers. You must have a healthy body during training and be able to follow all the rules of karate. Our uniforms are white. There are nine belt colors in Karate: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, and black. The belt shows your level. I want to say that people can protect themselves and their environment when they learn karate.”