“I want a bike” campaign in Qamishlo

A young woman named Midya Xanım launches a campaign called, “I want a bike” in Qamishlo. Midya Xanım aims to teach women how to ride a bike in the city.


Qamishlo- 27-year-old Midya Xanım, who thinks sports are good for human health, has launched a campaign called “I want a bike” with a group of women living in the city of Qamishlo. Midya Xanım and 12 women have taught young women in the city how to ride a bike.

“I was alone at the beginning”

Midya Xanım began to ride a bike when she was 12 years old. “My first aim was to change people’s points of view about women riding a bike. I was alone at the beginning. I became famous after sharing information and my pictures on social media platforms. Thus, many young women wanted to join me and we held our first marathon in the city of Amude. 25 women participated in that marathon. On the same day, we formed a group and launched the campaign called, ‘I want a bike’ to teach young women how to ride a bike. Our group consists of 12 women.”

“We faced many challenges”

After launching the campaign, the women faced many challenges, “We were attacked while cycling in the city. But we never gave up. Many young women asked us to teach them after they saw us cycling. Many people had to accept this situation.”

She wants to open a gym

Midya Xanım’s first aim is to teach young women how to cycle. “I want to change the negative thoughts and view of the society on this issue. When young women cycle in the city, this affects our society positively and these young women teach children how to cycle. My second aim is to get all women in NE Syria accustomed to sports. My third aim is to open a gym for women.”

“What is important is that you overcome your fear”

Midya Xanım is happy because her small step makes a great impression on her society. “After we launched the campaign, many women launched similar campaigns in Kobanî and other cities. What is important is that you overcome your fear, when you overcome your fear, you succeed.”