“Unity can secure the existence of the Kurds”

Speaking about the ongoing attacks on Rojhilat Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Region, women say the Kurds have no way other than unity.


Sulaymaniyah- Kurdish people living in four parts of Kurdistan are subjected to attacks. In the attacks, fighters and civilians are targeted. While the Kurds express their reactions to the silence of the authorities, they call for solidarity and unity. NuJINHA spoke to women condemning the ongoing attacks on the Kurdistan Region.

Unity is the only solution

One of these women, Sirwe Nûrî said, “The Kurdish people should unite in four parts of Kurdistan. We, as Kurds, should raise our voices whenever Kurds face problems, no matter where they face problems. The people have already taken responsibility to stand by each other; however, the sovereigns, the government and different parties prevent us from uniting. When the government faces a crisis, they support different parties instead of uniting. This causes the Kurdish question to remain unsolved.”

“We need the national consciousness”

Sirwe Nûrî complained about the lack of national consciousness among young people due to the pressure of the government. Speaking about the unemployment rate among young people, she said, “Children should receive lessons about the national consciousness. The people should protect their national values and unite to solve the Kurdish question.”

“We can fight the enemy by uniting”

Ronak Mehemed also called on the Kurdish people to unite. “Together we must stand against the enemy and defend ourselves. The Kurdish people must unite. We can fight the enemy by uniting. As a woman, I support the Kurds in Rojhelat Kurdistan. All Kurds must support them.”

“We cannot remain silent”

Wezîre Emer stated that the Kurds living in the four parts of Kurdistan are not different from each other. “Although the sovereigns and the political parties do not cooperate, the Kurds should cooperate with each other. Kurds are always oppressed. When the Kurds were oppressed in Bashur Kurdistan, they took shelter in other parts of Kurdistan. Now, we must unite to support the Kurds in Rojhelat Kurdistan. All Kurds must raise their voices against the violence of the government.”