“Turkey violates the law by prosecuting Çiçek Kobane”

Pointing to the situation of Çiçek Kobane, who was abducted as wounded by ISIS and taken to Turkey, Henife Muhemed said, “The trial of Çiçek Kobanê in Turkey is a violation of international law.”


Qamishlo- On October 9, 2019, Turkey and its paramilitary groups launched a ground and air operation in Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. While inhuman practices were carried out against the people living in these regions, YPJ fighter Çîçek Kobanê (Nom de guerre: Dozgîn Temo) was abducted in the Mişrefa village of Eyn Îsa and taken to Urfa after being injured while fighting to protect the people. After being handed over to Turkish authorities, she was arrested in Turkey. After being held in prison for three years, the Urfa 5th High Criminal Court sentenced her to aggravated life imprisonment and 10 years and 10 months in prison on charges of “violating the unity and integrity of the Turkish state.” Then, her sentence was upheld by the Antep Regional Court of Justice on June 11, 2021 and her file was sent to the Turkish supreme court. Henife Muhemed, director of the Qamishlo Women's Justice Committee, spoke to NuJINHA about the trial of Çîçek Kobanê.

“The Turkish state has been violating human rights”

“As Kurds or the Kurds in Rojava Kurdistan, we have been waging a great resistance to protect our lands. Since 2014, our young women and men have taken up arms to protect their lands and people. The Turkish state is a barbaric state and it does not act as a neighboring country. Unfortunately, it acts as an enemy and attacks Syrian territories, particularly the Kurdish regions. It has been violating international law by attempting to occupy another country. Turkey has been violating many human rights by entering Syria,” Henife Muhemed told NuJINHA.

Inhuman practices

Commenting on the trial of Çiçek Kobanê and the prison sentence against her, Henife Muhemed said, “The Turkish state has been attacking Rojava Kurdistan to prevent the Kurdish people from having a status. It occupied some cities in Rojava Kurdistan such as Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê in 2019. A Kurdish woman named Çiçek Kobanê, who fought to defend her people against the Turkish occupation attacks, was abducted and put behind bars in Turkey. A woman, who was in her country and did not cross the Turkish border, was abducted while defending her country and sentenced to prison in Turkey. Çiçek Kobanê was openly abducted and faced inhuman practices and her photographs were shared on social media and press outlets. This woman was arrested and sentenced to prison by the Turkish state. The Turkish state has been violating human rights and international law by prosecuting a Syrian citizen.”

“They are a party to the crimes”

“The silence of the international community against this crime astonishes us. As Kurds, aren’t we human beings? Don’t we have the right to speak our mother language, preserve our culture? Now, the Turkish state says they will settle the Syrian refugees living in Turkey in the occupied regions. Turkey aims to use the refugees for negotiation. The Turkish state is a so-called NATO member but the NATO member countries remain silent against the crimes and rights violations being committed by the Turkish state. These countries are a party to the crimes being committed by the Turkish state by remaining silent.”