“Turkey attacks peoples under the name of 'safe zone'”

Stating that Turkey attacks peoples in North and East Syria under the name of “safe zone”, Madlên El-Ibêd calls on the human rights organizations and humanitarian aid organizations to develop a political solution.


Hasakah- The Turkish state has carried out attacks in North and East Syria to cover up the ongoing crises in Turkey. It occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî after taking the green light from the USA and Russia and now it aims to add other Syrian regions to its territory. In addition, people living in the regions occupied by Turkey have suffered from abduction, rape and demographic change. Between 1965 and 1976, the Ba'athist regime began to settle the people of Maxmur in the Raqqa and Tabqa regions on the border of Northern and Western Kurdistan as part of its “Arab Belt” project. Madlên El-Ibêd, board member of Kongra Star office in Hasakah Canton’s Til Temir town, spoke to NuJINHA about the ongoing Turkish attacks in NE Syria.

“Why do international powers remain silent?”

Underling that Turkey has carried out nonstop attacks in NE Syria since it occupied Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, Madlên El-Ibêd said, “Turkey’s efforts to change the demographic structure of the region continue and it has launched a new offensive. Turkey aims to divide the Syrian territories and add them to its territory under the name of ‘safe zone’ by carrying out dirty plans with support of its armed groups. The Turkish state and its armed groups could have taken such steps if they had not been supported by states. There are many reports on rights violations in the occupied regions. Why do international powers remain silent about these rights violations? This silence shocks us.”

“A political solution should be developed against the attacks”

Emphasizing that a political solution should be developed to end the Syrian crisis, Madlên El-Ibêd said that people from different ethnic and religious groups live in Syria and they have been affected by the ongoing attacks. “We have lived here for thousands of years and our forces have never attacked the Turkish border. But Erdoğan continues to attack to take control of Syria, particularly NE Syria, on the ground of ‘safe zone’ and ‘protecting Turkish borders’. The Turkish state has settled the members of its armed groups in occupied regions such as Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and Afrin in order to use them in its possible attacks.”

Call on the international community

Madlên El-Ibêd called on all human rights organizations and the international community to develop permanent solutions for the ongoing Syrian crisis.