Spokesperson of DBP Women’s Council: We will keep resisting

At a press conference Aynur Sarıca, Spokesperson of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Women’s Council, evaluated current issues in Turkey and said that they, as women, would keep resisting.

News Center- Aynur Sarıca, Spokesperson of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Women’s Council, held a press conference. Evaluating current issues in Turkey, she also commented on the parliamentary and presidential elections that were held in May. She said that the DBP has been going through a self-criticism process. 

Speaking about the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, said, “The aim is to break the bond between him and the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people will strengthen their bond with him despite all attempts. The isolation (imposed on Abdullah Öcalan) must be lifted. The isolation spread from Imrali to all the prisons. Kurdish women do not accept the isolation and struggle against it. We know very well that they are afraid because they know that women will bring freedom. The ruling party is afraid of this.”

‘Sick prisoners must be released’

Aynur Sarıca also talked about the conditions of prisoners. “According to the reports of the press outlets, Özge Özbek was arrested just after having a medical operation. She is now seriously sick. We demand the release of all sick prisoners.”

‘A special warfare has been waged against the Kurdish people’

Highlighting that a special warfare has been waged in Kurdish cities, she said, “A Special warfare has been waged against the Kurdish culture, language, thoughts, women and youth. Their policies cause the spread of drug use in Kurdish cities. The Kurdish language has been banned. Their aim is to cause unrest in society. Soldiers and law enforcement officials support this special warfare. None of them have been arrested due to the policy of impunity.”

Aynur Sarıca also mentioned the workshop on the Treaty of Lausanne. “Women from all nations and religions such as Armenian, Yazidi and Syriac attended the workshop and expressed their thoughts on the treaty. Due to this treaty, the rights of all minorities have been ignored, human rights, language and women's rights have not been respected and many people have been killed. As the women of the DBP, we resist for human rights, for the rights of women and children. We will keep resisting the patriarchal mentality everywhere. We will keep chanting the slogan, ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ everywhere.”