Politicians: Every woman must rise up against the attacks

Nesrîn Doko, coordinating member of the Kongra Star, and Sebah Şabo, member of the Syrian Unity Party, condemn the killings of Yousra Darwish, Lîman Şiwêş and Fırat Tuma by the Turkish state. “Every woman must rise up against the attacks.”


Qamishlo- Qamishlo Canton Co-chair Yousra Darwish, her deputy Lîman Şiwêş and their driver Fırat Tûma were killed in the Turkish airstrike between Bandar and Tal Sh’ir villages in Qamishlo on June 20, 2023. In an interview with NuJINHA, Nesrîn Doko, coordinating member of the Kongra Star, and Sebah Şabo, member of the Syrian Unity Party, condemned the ongoing Turkish attacks on pioneering women.

 Nesrîn Doko thinks the ongoing Turkish attacks are actually against the revolution in Rojava that started on July 19, 2012. “The Turkish state is against the revolution in North and East Syria, the establishment of the Autonomous Administration and freedom for women. So far, the Turkish state has carried out many attacks against pioneering women and targeted the pioneers of the philosophy ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’. Our comrades such as Zeyneb Sarûxan, Jiyan Tolhildan, Yousra Darwish and Lîman Şiwêş were killed by the Turkish state. For decades, our comrades Yousra and Liman fought for the cause of women and the Kurdish people both in Kurdistan and abroad. If Arab women have their own voice and color by tearing the curtain of fear and darkness created by ISIS today, it is thanks to the struggle of comrade Lîman. Yousra and Lîman were defenders of women’s freedom and identity and they lost their lives while fighting for the cause of women’s freedom. Yousra was not only a politician but also a teacher.”

‘They cannot limit our struggle’

“Pioneering women are targeted today because the ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi (English: Women, Life, Freedom)’ slogan is echoing all around the world,” said Nesrîn Doko, adding, “Today, not only us, but also women all around the world fight and sacrifice their lives for this cause. Every word of Yousra Darwish was like a bullet in the heart of the enemy. Yes, our comrades were martyred, but the enemy cannot limit or end our struggle. We know very well that women are targeted by the plan of the invading Turkish state, the international coalition and its guarantors. Our pioneers and fighters defeated ISIS and built a new society; however, they are targeted by the Turkish state. Why does the International Coalition exist? Our pioneers are targeted in front of them.”

 Call on women

At the end of her speech, Nesrîn Doko said, “We call on women in North and East Syria, in the Middle East, in Kurdistan and all women whose hearts beat for freedom to rise up against the attacks on pioneering women without remaining silent. Together, we can respond to the attacks. If we remain silent against the attacks on Rojava, such attacks may be carried out in Europe, too. Rise up; it is the time to break fascism. Our unity is our power that will ensure women’s freedom.”

‘These attacks are terrorist attacks’

In her speech, Sebah Şabo said that there was an international conspiracy against the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES). “Our commanders and pioneers have been targeted for a long time. These attacks are terrorist attacks. The main target of these attacks is the AANES and the common life in the region. The invading Turkish state targets North and East Syria because it aims to revive the Ottoman Empire. In addition, it aims to invade our region and change the demographic structure of the region. The main target of the enemy is the free will of women. The enemy sees the women's revolution as a threat to its will and existence.”

‘Silence raises doubts’

Pointing to the silence of the international community against the recent attacks, Sebah Şabo said, “The silence of the international community raises doubts. Why do they remain silent? Do they not see the crimes committed by the Turkish state? The ongoing attacks on North and East Syria are terrorist and inhuman attacks. We demand an international tribunal to be formed in order to investigate the crimes committed by the Turkish state against women and humanity in our region and prosecute it.”