Iraqi parliamentarian Nour Nafeh: We need more women in politics to have a say

Nour Nafeh, a member of the Iraqi parliament, thinks that the awareness raised by the October Revolution of 2019 enabled more women to enter the parliament. “The number of women parliamentarians must be more,” she added.


Baghdad- Although Iraqi women have achieved significant success in executive positions, they face many difficulties in politics. Nour Nafeh, a member of the Iraqi parliament, thinks that increasing women's participation in politics will allow women to make their voices heard and protect their rights.

Noting that women who run for local and parliamentary elections are subjected to oppression, she said, “Undoubtedly, women face obstacles while running for local and parliamentary elections. However, the October Revolution of 2019 (The October Protest Movement from 2019-2021) has a great positive effect on women. The revolution raised awareness of the public about women’s role in changing society. The presence of women in politics was accepted by society during the revolution. Now, there are 97 women in the parliament. This number is higher than the determined quota.”

 Women can make their voices heard’

Pointing to the challenges faced by women in politics, she said, “We, as women, face many challenges when we want to enter politics. There are many NGOs and human rights organizations trying to raise awareness of the need for women's political participation in order to ensure gender equality. Now, women can make their voices heard in politics.”

‘Women should play their role in changing society’

Emphasizing that women play an important role in changing society, Nour Nafeh said, “Women should play their role in changing society. In order to change society, we need more women in politics. We should raise our voices to make decisions about ourselves. Women have already proved themselves in politics.”

‘Women must be supported’

Noting that NGOs and other organizations should be supported to defend women’s rights so that more women can play their leadership roles and take part in politics, Nour Nafeh said, “In the new government headed by Mohammed Shia' Sabbar Al-Sudani, there are only three female ministers; Taif Sami Mohammed, Finance Minister, Evan Faik Jabro, the Minister of Finance Minister of Migration and Displacement and Hayam Al-Yasiri, the Minister of Communications. I call on Iraqi women to enter the parliament to have a say.”