HDP Women’s Council meets with Norwegian and Danish delegations

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Women’s Council members met with Norwegian and Danish delegations at the party’s headquarters. Femicide, Istanbul Convention and rights violations in prisons were main topics discussed during the meetings.

News Center- A delegation consisting of Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Batman MP Ayşe Acar Başaran, HDP Women's Coordination member Latife Demirci Kahya, Green Left Party member Tülay Koçak and Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Central Executive Board member Gurbet Aydoğan met with Norwegian Green Party member Bente Klagen Hjelm and SolKurd member Jila Hassanpour at HDP Headquarters.

“We never take a step back”

Speaking at the meeting, Ayşe Acar Başaran said, “Erdoğan tries to leave women unprotected. He has been building a fascist regime and one of the biggest obstacles preventing him from building this regime is women. Because, women took to the streets despite the Covid-19 pandemic when Erdoğan announced the country's withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention. We never take a step back despite the attacks of the state and patriarchal society.”

“A woman is killed in the country every two days”

After the speech of Ayşe Acar Başaran, Norwegian Green Party member Bente Klagen Hjelm made a speech and said, “A woman is killed in this country every two days. The Istanbul Convention is an important achievement. It was first signed in this country; however, the country withdrew from it. We do not understand this.”

They drew attention to the isolation

After the meeting with women from Norway, the HDP delegation met the Danish delegation consisting of Anne Hegelund, Maria Temponeras, Halil Kara and Hacı İnanç and Norwegian Socialist Left Party member Oda Sofie Heien Larsen.

During the meeting, they discussed the isolation imposed upon Abdullah Öcalan and how this isolation affects the lives of women.

“Aysel Tuğluk has been kept in prison despite her disease”

Emphasizing that Aysel Tuğluk has been kept in prison despite a medical report that found she shouldn't stay behind bars, Ayşe Acar Başaran said, “Hundreds, even thousands of our friends are being held hostage in prisons. They face inhuman practices in prison. They are subjected to torture and sexual abuse in prison. Many political prisoners haven’t been released from prison despite having completed their sentences. The attacks against us continue both in prisons and outside.  The targets of the attacks are the HDP, the free press and particularly the women's struggle.”

“What is happening in Turkey is concerning”

During the meeting, the Danish delegation said that they monitor developments in Turkey and that what is happening in Turkey is concerning. The delegations said that they will keep in touch with the HDP and work to ensure more cooperation in the women’s struggle.