Hadiya Shammo:Turn Shengal into a huge jail is the start of a new farman

The Kurdistan Democratic Party collaborates with Turkey against the Kurdish people's interests. Every meeting or visit by a party official to Turkey results in a new plot or attack on the Kurdistan region, as well as NE Syria.


Qamishlo- The Turkish occupation, Iraqi administrations, and the Kurdistan Regional Government all intend to split the Shengal Autonomous Administration from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

The three groups are attempting to build a wall between Shengal and Syria's north and east territories, according to Hadiya Shammo, coordinator of the Yazidi Women's Union in northeastern Syria's Jazira area.

The Iraqi army has begun constructing a cement barrier with a length of 250 kilometers and a height of around four meters between Shengal and the territories of NE Syria. People in NE Syria, as well as Shengal, reacted angrily, seeing it as part of a plot against the Kurdish people and an attempt to split an already divided Kurdistan.

According to Hadiya Shammo, the coordinator of the Yazidi Women's Union in Al-Jazira Province, the Yazidis have been victims of many farmans and genocides, but they have been able to rebuild their lives, “The Yazidi people were subjected to a farman (genocide) in 2014 at the hands of ISIS mercenaries with the help of the Turkish invasion and the Kurdistan Democratic Party. More than eight years have passed since the genocide. The Yazidis have been able to rise up again and establish their own administration and deploy defense units to protect their territory.

A new genocide against the Yazidis

"Recently, many arrangements have been made among Turkey, the Iraqi government, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party,” she said, adding, "including the construction of a detachment wall between Shengal and the NE Syrian regions, which aims to break the will of the people of Shengal, who have been able to achieve many great gains, including the initiation of an organized administration and leadership. Dissatisfied, the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government joined forces with the Turkish government to turn Shengal into a huge jail to commit a new Farman (genocide) against the Yazidis.”

“After every meeting or visit by KDP, new attack is carried out against Kurds”

"The KDP's cooperation with Turkey is not new," Hadiya Shammo stated to point to the party's ties with the Turkish government. “After every meeting or visit by an official of the party to Turkey, a new plan or a new attack is carried out on the Kurdistan region and NE Syria; their primary target is not only Shengal, but the revolution of the peoples in NE Syria and the legitimate defense areas in which the guerrilla forces fight to defend the peoples.”

Hadiya Shammo said that what is going on in the agreements between Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party is nothing more than an attempt to sabotage the region's self-administration initiative and sever ties between Shengal and the north and east Syrian territories. "By building a wall between Shengal and north and east Syria, they aim to divide the two territories.

“The Treaty of Lausanne is set to expire, and the Turkish state intends to divide the regions of Kurdistan from each other and construct a new Ottoman Empire according to the map it prepared before the treaty expires."

"We, as Yazidi women, whether in NE Syria, Shengal, or abroad, reject and condemn crimes committed against the Yazidi people, particularly women, because women are the primary target of the attacking parties in most edicts, assaults, and killings," she said, "We also oppose the construction of this wall between Shengal and NE Syria, and just as we stood by our people in Shengal in 2014, we will stand by them again. We will not allow them to be subjected to further decrees or other atrocities. “

Hadiya Shammo concluded her speech by urging the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop cooperating with the Turkish occupation and the Iraqi government, as well as urging all international organizations that consider themselves defenders of human rights, minorities, and freedoms to stand against the rights violations against the people of Shengal, and to work to hold accountable all those who commit violations.