Gulistan Eli: We must unite around the Democratic Nation project

Speaking about the ongoing attacks on the Democratic Nation project carried out in North and East Syria, Gulistan Eli said, “We must unite around the Democratic Nation project and protect it.”


Qamishlo – Gulistan Eli, member of the Foreign Affairs of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, spoke to NuJINHA about the ongoing Turkish attacks on the region, the genocidal policies carried out in Kurdistan and recent attacks on women pioneers. Stating that the Turkish state sees the Democratic Nation project as a threat, Gulistan Eli drew attention to the resistance of the people against the attacks in the region

“Their aim is to annihilate Kurdish people”

Speaking about the dirty plans carried out in Kurdistan, Gulistan Eli said, “The aim of all states that carry out occupying policies in Kurdistan is to annihilate Kurdish people. The Kurds played an important role in the revolution in Syria. The Kurds have an identity and they have made a great sacrifice to protect their identity. When the Syrian crisis started, the Kurds were already ready to protect themselves and other people from terror. The Turkish state supported ISIS. ISIS caused great destruction after receiving the support of the Turkish state. The Kurds did not allow this terrorist organization to spread. For this reason, they did not only protect their society but also other societies. They became a shield for the equality and fraternity of peoples.”

“The Democratic Nation project has been targeted”

Speaking about the Democratic Nation project aiming to ensure equality and freedom for people of all strata in the region, Gulistan Eli said that the aim of the Turkish state in North and East Syria is to attack the Democratic Nation project. “The sovereign powers see this project as a threat to them. Not only the Turkish state but also all sovereign powers see the will of the people as a threat to them. The dominant system that develops capitalism tries to protect this policy more in the current century. As a result, it carries out a brutal attack on all four parts of Kurdistan under different names. All kinds of weapons and war methods have been used in Kurdistan. The chemical weapons used by the Turkish state show how the attacks are brutal. The Turkish state has violated international law and norms by using chemical weapons.”

“He wants to regain what he lost”

Emphasizing that the women who led the revolution have been targeted in these attacks, Gulistan Eli said, “They want to suppress the will of the people by carrying out attacks. The support of the Turkish state to ISIS has been documented many times. As general elections are approaching in Turkey, Erdoğan wants his party to be the ruling party again. Erdoğan wants to regain what he lost by invading the regions in North and East Syria. They want to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. Due to the international silence against these plans, the Turkish state continues to launch operations in the region.”

“They are negotiating over the lives of people”

Gulistan Eli continued to speak as follows: “The hegemonic powers deployed in our regions act not for the solution of the Syrian crisis, but according to their own politics and interests. What is happening in our region today have no benefit for the Syrian people and the hegemonic powers are negotiating over the lives of people. These international powers can solve the Syrian crisis in a month if they want; however, they do not care about the people. They have been deepening the Syrian crisis because they act according to their own interests.”

“We must unite around our project”

Condemning the silence of the international community against the ongoing Turkish attacks, Gulistan Eli said, “The powers that say democracy has reached its highest level always try to destroy communities. Those who want freedom and democracy are targeted by the weapons of these sovereign powers. The Turkish state is not a powerful state. The policies carried out in the region are not only the policies of the Turkish state. The silence of the international community shows their partnership. Sovereign powers carry out all kinds of attacks to end this project. I want to say that our community is a struggling community. We must unite around the Democratic Nation project and protect it.”