“A resolution without us is impossible”

Cîhan Xelîl, Consultant of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of NE Syria, emphasized that Turkey could not achieve the desired result in its attacks and said, “People stand with us against the occupation. A resolution without us is impossible.”


Qamishlo- Turkey keeps carrying out attacks in northeastern Syria in order to extend the Syrian crisis and to block the ways to a resolution. While it has been carrying out many attacks in many regions of Syria to occupy them, it targets civilians in its attacks. In northeastern Syria, Turkey is constantly attacking civilian settlements and destroying the safety of the region.

“It could not achieve its aims”

Stressing that the aim of the Turkish attacks is to destroy the Autonomous Administration and the gains of the revolution, Cîhan Xelîl, Consultant of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of NE Syria, said, “The Turkish state has changed its attack methods. It aims to leave the people without leaders, to weaken the unity of our society in order to occupy the region easier. But it could not achieve its aims. On the contrary, the dedication of the people to the Autonomous Administration becomes stronger.”

“The balances have changed”

Pointing to the changing balances in the world, Cîhan Xelîl said, “Many countries used to support the plans and occupation of the Turkish state. But many balances have changed. Now, the Turkish state receives many reactions. The Turkish state now tries to protect its own interests because it has been isolated. Recently, the Turkish state announced that it would launch a new offensive into NE Syria and waged a propaganda war on social media. However, it did not receive what it wanted. No country supported it for its new offensive. The unity of the peoples made it possible.”

“Countries do not fulfill their responsibilities”

“The Turkish state has violated many rights in the occupied areas,” Cîhan Xelîl said, “Despite that, the countries do not fulfill their responsibilities and duties to stop the Turkish state. Although the Turkish state is a NATO member and has a diplomacy network all around the world, we see that its influence is weakening and it has been slowly left alone.” Underlining that the democratic system in NE Syria embraces all peoples living in the Middle East, Cîhan Xelîl said, “A resolution without us is impossible.”

“The people stand with us”

Defining the support of the people and the Autonomous Administration to each other as a power of success, she said that the Turkish state wants to expand its borders. Speaking about the upcoming elections in Turkey, she said, “Erdoğan aims to get good results from the elections by attacking our region. We should raise awareness of the public about this sensitive process. The people always stand with us against occupation.”