“Victims of violence need legal and psychological support”

Psychologist Bushra Al-Murabiti confirmed that victims of gender-based violence need psychological support as they suffer from a lack of self-esteem, due to the repeated violence against them.


Morocco- After years of violence against L.M. by her husband, she decided to ask for a divorce and have a life with dignity.

“My husband enjoyed torturing me”

L.M, mother of three, spoke to NuJINHA and said, "I am a victim of all forms of violence by husband: he battered, insulted, raped me. He took my mobile phone and did not allow me to go out so that I couldn’t ask help from anyone. I bore all forms of violence for my children. He enjoyed torturing me. In the end, I asked for a divorce to have a life with dignity.”

After suffering from all forms of violence, L.M. decided to receive support from the Moroccan NGO Tahadi Association for Equality and Citizenship (ATEC) because she needed someone to listen to her suffering and guide her.

Amina Bajaja, the association's social worker, welcomed her and offered assistance. Amina Bajaja told NuJINHA, “Victims of gender-based violence need psychological support. The case of L.M. is not the only case about gender-based violence. Women are continually subjected to violence and are no longer able to keep silent.”

Domestic violence

According to official figures released in 2021 by the High Commission for Planning (HCP, Haut Commissariat au Plan), the prevalence of violence among adult women (18-64 years) was 51.0 percent in 2021, the prevalence rate of domestic violence was 52%, or 6.1 million women.


Psychologist Bushra Al-Murabati told us that the results of the various psychological studies that have been conducted in the world are few compared to the studies that were conducted on other issues. “Women, who suffer from domestic violence, also suffer from a lack of self-esteem. Young women decide to get married to get rid of violence they are subjected to by their male family members. However, they are subjected to violence by their spouses after their marriage.”

Effects of violence on women and children

Speaking about the effects of violence against women, Bushra Al-Murabati said, “Gender-based violence can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, sleep difficulties, eating disorders, and suicide attempts. Children, who grow up in a violent home, are at serious risk for long-term physical and mental health problems and they can use violence against other people. Many studies have revealed that children are also affected by witnessing domestic violence.”