Mala Jin aims to support women

Mala Jin is a women’s organization based in North and East Syria. Since it was founded on November 25, 2016, it has carried out activities to protect women from violence.


Manbij- Mala Jin (English: Women’s House) is a women’s organization based in North and East Syria to empower and support women. Since it was founded on November 25, 2016, it has received thousands of applications. The number of women applying to the Mala Jin to file complaints was 617 from the beginning of 2022 to November. While 157 of the complaints were solved by the organization, 308 of them were sent to the Court of Justice.

Mala Jin, which is a committee of the Zenûbiya Women's Community, held a meeting to discuss the women’s complaints and the solved complaints in 2022. Mala Jin member  Necma Îbrahîm spoke to NuJINHA about their 2022 data.

“We received applications mostly regarding child marriage”

Indicating that they received applications mostly regarding child marriage in 2022, Necma Îbrahîm pointed out that children are forced into more than a marriage. She noted that forcing children into marriage is a human right violation.

“Divorced women face difficulties in rebuilding their lives”

Speaking about economic violence against women, she said, “The most important thing that forces women to stay with violent men is their lack of economic independence. Divorced women face difficulties in making a living for themselves and their children. Not only women living in Manbij but also all women face difficulties. Manbij hosts many displaced people. Many women have lost their husbands or their husbands are behind the bars. For this reason, economic independence is important for women. The Zenûbiya Women's Community provides employment opportunities to these women.”

Reasons for divorce

Necma Îbrahîm also talked about the reasons for divorces.

“The most common reasons for divorce are violence, the use of drugs, insults and infidelity. After several weeks of marriage, men accuse their wives of infidelity and ask for divorce. Mala Jin does not allow them to get divorced on the excuse of such accusations. We give time to couples to think. If they are determined to get divorced, we send their divorce cases to the Court of Justice. The court also gives them time to rethink. If they insist, the divorce cases are started in a way that will protect the rights of both parties. Many couples decided not to get divorced after discussing this issue.”

“We must first change our society”

Rûqeya Osman is a resident of the city Manbij. Speaking about violence against women, she said, “Women are subjected to violence by not only their husbands but also their fathers and brothers. If the women victims of violence are married, they can file a divorce case. But if the women victims of violence are single, they are forced into marriage when they report violence against them. We must first change our society so that women can play an effective role in all spheres of life. Women should be active to change their societies. Women should make decisions about their own lives. Women’s organizations and movements should hold awareness-raising activities and campaigns to support women. We need laws protecting women from violence.