Women of Germiyan: We cannot afford to buy what we need

Pointing to the 50-year deal signed by Turkey and Kurdish Regional Government to export oil, the women of Germiyan said that the deal has been deteriorating their financial situation and that they cannot afford to buy what they need anymore.


Germiyan- Women of Germiyan, a region in the Kurdistan Region, told NuJINHA that the recent food price hikes have become a burden for them. They called on the authorities to take the necessary steps against the economic crisis. The women are worried that their financial situation will worsen.

“Sales rate has been decreasing”

Arzu Hesen, who sells household goods in her shop, told us that she has been looking for a second job since she has been suffering from financial problems. “Our sales rate has been decreasing due to the economic crisis. I have been looking for a second job because I do not earn enough from my shop. Our expenses are increasing while our income is decreasing,” she said.

“The ongoing shelling make our lives more difficult”

Şêne Îsmaîl is another shopkeeper in the Germiyan region. She stressed that low wages and poor living conditions, as well as the ongoing shelling of Turkey and Iran have made the lives of the people of Germiyan more difficult.

“Economic situation has been deteriorating”

Indication that the people living in the region have been suffering from financial difficulties, Gulî Ehmed said, “Even when the Baathist regime besieged us, the people knowing their duties and responsibilities struggled to maintain their lives; they rebuilt villages and the people and Peshmerga members helped each other to overcome difficulties. Now, we have a government and oil but the economic situation in the region has been deteriorating every day.”

“We should develop agriculture in the region”

Emphasizing that more efforts should be made to develop agriculture, trade and tourism in the region, Keylî Îsmaîl said, “There are many causes of the price hikes. Many people have been suffering from poverty in our society due to the lack of interest in agriculture, trade and tourism. We should give more importance to agriculture, trade, tourism and local production. We should develop agriculture in the region.”

“We should focus on the investment sector”

Pointing out that there is a need to increase the number of domestic products to be sold abroad, Keylî Îsmaîl said, “We do not ask the government to produce heavy weapons but to focus on the investment sector. The 50-year deal signed by Turkey and Kurdish Regional Government to export oil has been deteriorating the financial situation in our region. The people of the region have been suffering from price hikes, unemployment and poverty.”