Kuwêstan inspires women who want to work

Kuwêstan Mihemed, who earns a living by making and selling traditional beverages and foods of Kurdish people and Middle East, has inspired women, who want to work.


Sulaymaniyah- Kuwêstan Mihemed is a woman, who earns a living by making traditional beverages and foods of Kurdish people and Middle East and selling them on social media platforms. In the interview with NuJIINHA, she said that she was happy to both provide employment opportunities for women and to deliver products specific to the region to people.


In her shop, she also makes and sells many products such as apple and date vinegar and rose, clove, mint water.

‘I preserves my culture by cooking traditional Kurdish foods’

Kuwêstan Mihemed began this business by sharing the recipes of traditional foods on her social media accounts. “Then, I set up a social media page to sell my homemade products due to the high interest. I learned how to cook from my mother. I feel happy when I share recipes because I promote traditional Kurdish foods.”

Although what she does is tiring, Kuwêstan Mihemed loves it. “After moving to the city center, I saw that the products I used to cook were nor natural. I go to villages and buy what I need from villages. After sharing the photographs of the foods on my social media accounts, many people wanted to order. Many women have learned how to cook traditional Kurdish foods by using my recipes. Making each product sometimes takes a day. I use 20 kg roses to make rose water. I spend eight hours to make it.”

‘Women should believe in themselves’

Kuwêstan Mihemed has inspired many women to start their own business. Calling on women, she said, “Women should believe in themselves. At the beginning, I faced many challenges and I did know anyone. But I was determined to be successful and never gave up. Now, I am a successful woman. Many women have started their own business thanks to me.”