“Jiyan Restaurant” provides job opportunities for women

Women are employed in Jiyan Restaurant, which was opened by the project of the Women's Committee in Shehba. Women working in Jiyan Restaurant, where mainly local dishes are served, are happy to achieve their economic freedom.


Shehba – The patriarchal system, which imposes gender roles on women, has tried to drive apart women from every area of life, particularly working life. But women have waged a relentless struggle against all oppression policies at home, at work, on the streets, and many more. While women all over the world make their voices heard in different ways, women in Northern and Eastern Syria have been building a new life. After the Democratic Autonomous Administration was established in Northern and Eastern Syria, most women have participated in the labor force. On April 17, 2021, The Women's Committee in Afrin Region opened an all-women restaurant named “Jiyan”. Emine Mele Hesen, a member of the Women's Committee in Afrin Region, and Sibhan Betal, an employee of the restaurant, spoke to JINHA about the restaurant project.

Job opportunities for women

Recalling the attacks on Afrin, Emine Mele Hesen said that the people of Afrin were forcibly displaced to Shehba due to the attacks. Stating that the people of Afrin had limited job opportunities when they came to Shehba, she said, “We developed a project to provide job opportunities for women. The Democratic Autonomous Administration paves the way for women to participate in the labor force. Most women have participated in the labor force in NE Syria. Now, three women work in the Jiyan Restaurant.”

“We preserve the culture of Afrin with our meals”

Sibhan Betal, one of the women working in the restaurant, is from the Çeqele village of Afrin. Stating that they became unemployed after being forcibly displaced from Afrin, Sibhan Betal said, “With this project, the Women's Committee provides women to participate in the labor force again. I have lived in Shehba for four years. Women need jobs just like men.  We generally serve a large variety of local dishes. We preserve the culture of Afrin with our meals. I began to work here in order to make a living. We work here from 8 am to 4 pm.”