Hospitable women of Avênhengê village

The women of Avênhengê village make the guests feel different with their warm and sincere welcome. These women do everything in the village but their labor is ignored.


Sanandaj- While we were walking around the Hawraman Region, one of the world's wonders with its magnificent landscape and unique nature, we came across a hospitable woman working in an orchard. When she saw us, she invited us to have tea with her. We learn that the women of the village are famous for being warmhearted and beautiful as their region with their smiling faces when they made us feel like we are a part of their life when they welcomed us warmly and sincerely.

Tea cooked on embers in Mêhrîban’s orchard

While having tea, we learned both her name and the name of her village and understood that she welcomes everyone with a warm welcome because she always cooks tea on embers to offer anyone who passes by while working in her orchard. When she has tea with the passersby, she gets to know who they are. After the passersby leave and Mêhrîban continues to work in her orchard.

Pleasant conversations with the women in the village

After having tea with Mêhrîban, we left there to go to the village. While we were walking around the village, we came across other women, who were as friendly, beautiful, and hospitable as Mêhrîban. Their warm welcome made us feel as if we had been living in this village for years and we were their neighbors.

The women of the Avênhengê village told us what difficulties they face, how they raise livestock, work in fields, do housework, and take care of children. Despite working hard the whole day, they do not receive the value they deserve.

“I work the whole day for the future of my children”

One of the old women in the village told us what difficulties they faced in the past as follows:

“Although we couldn't make ends meet in the past, I worked in fields and raised animals to raise my nine children. Despite all these difficulties, men were not satisfied with us and didn’t give us the value we received. They insulted and battered us, sometimes in front of our guests when they came home in the evening.  They had no respect for us or the guests.”

“I work in fields and raise animals”

Sumeye spoke to us about what she does in the village. “I live with my husband. I work in the fields and raise animals. We work the whole day due to challenging living conditions,” she said.